Personalize Chocolate Gift Boxes Using Our Online Customizer Tool!


Personalize Chocolate Gift Boxes Using Our Online Customizer Tool!

We have been helping businesses customize their chocolate gifts for more than three decades, and we have come a long way. However, we have always been at the cutting edge of what can be achieved in chocolate and we aren’t afraid to embrace new tools and technology to improve what we do. In fact, we have pushed a lot of boundaries and have helped create the industry of customizing chocolate.

We are always looking for new ways to make the process custom chocolate business gifting ever more perfect. And that’s why we are excited to roll out our latest tool to make the customization process as easy and convenient for our customers as possible. Introducing our new online chocolates gift box customizing tool!

There is so much you can do with our online customizer tool! Add a logo to an existing box design or entirely customize the box face or band. Change the box colors or lid style, so that the branding you so thoughtfully created is consistent and recognizable.

Struggling to craft the perfect gift? Unleash your creativity and learn how to design a memorable personalized box of chocolates with these 5 easy tips!


Follow these 4 easy steps to create an eye-catching business gift box

Step 1 – Upload your logo Customize Chocolate Box Gift

Whatever creatives you have that identify your unique business, we can work with. Seriously – nothing is too complex. Start by uploading your logo or design. Your file needs to be over 1Mb or 1280px x 715px (4.26×2.38in) to print clearly. Not sure if your image meets the requirements? No worries, we will let you know if your image is too small. Or we are here to help on live chat if you need an instant helping hand during our business hours.

Step 2 – Select your custom options

This can include the color and design of the packaging – play with different stock images or use your own. Add a logo to an existing design or start from scratch and make your own lid or band design. Manipulate the collection and the placement of the designs so that it reflects your business’ unique branding story.

Play with different lid options to make a truly personalized gift! Keep it simple or add some flourish. Have fun! At this stage, you are still in the design so let the creativity flow.

Step 3 – Proofing Process

You will receive an on-screen final proof when you click on “VIEW PROOF”. This is your chance to catch any errors. We always think it’s a good idea to employ an extra set of eyes to see things you might have overlooked. Seriously, double check then triple check for errors.

Step 4 – Order & Enjoy!

You can have the chocolate delivered directly to the office or home to hand out over the holidays or at that upcoming trade show. You can keep them on hand and bring them to client meetings to help win over any potential new business. Maybe these custom chocolates are going to commemorate a wedding, celebration or birthday – there is no limit to ideas here!  There are also holiday themed designs to tick your executive gift list of quickly and efficiently.

There is a minimum order of only 20, but speaking from experience, you are probably going to need a few more than that. Not sure and want to start small? Don’t worry, it is very easy to simply reorder again once we have your designs on hand. No need to redesign or recreate your original artwork.

That’s it. We’ll have them ready to ship in 7 days or less and your custom  will show up wherever you send them to, ready to be enjoyed. We can even dropship or direct ship as some call it, to your individual recipients. Save even more time and let us take the strain!

Pure Belgian Chocolate

For 30 years we have specialized in creating the purest, most decadent premium chocolate products available. We source our ingredients from established growers who know what they are doing and grow high quality products. Our chocolates are completely free of waxes and fillers, we don’t cut corners when it comes to what we put in our products. We want to pass on our passion to you.

With our exclusive custom chocolate engraving technology, we offer unparalleled precision and detail.

At Totally Chocolate, we have always relied on our incredible customer service team to help our customers send their image files and complete their designs. And they are still there and just as amazing as always. Now, we give our customers the option of creating their own customizations from the comfort of their home or office. It’s so simple and you will feel like a creative genius!

Is all this making you panic a bit? Maybe you’re not one for this kind of technology. If that’s the case, do not worry. We are still very happy and willing to help and love our person-to-person communication, too.

Custom chocolate gift ideas

Still need some ideas? We have seen it all! Here are some of the most unique and most common chocolates:

Thank you chocolate bars

Totally Chocolate offers beautifully presented, chocolate corporate gifts that say “Thank You”. Luxurious ready-to gift boxes of gourmet treats, chocolate bar wrappers, cookies and salted caramels will ensure even the hardest-to-buy-for executives are delighted!

Holiday gifts

Our holiday gift guide has great ideas that include luxury Holiday & Christmas gift baskets and towers to give you a variety of melt-in-the-mouth treats. Whatever you are looking for, we will help you get your ideal chocolate gifts delivered direct!


Unique Chocolate Gifts

Create and order wholesale or small-batch—ideal for birthday bash chocolate gifts, thank you chocolate or employee appreciation gifts.

Wholesale chocolate gifts

Easily bulk-buy turndown chocolates, foiled chocolate coins, or business and employee gifts, our wrapper bars are one of our best sellers! Chocolate boxes make unique luxury gifts, as do our giant bars of chocolate with hammers!

Engraved Chocolate Candy Bars

Surprise your team with chocolate candy bars for holidays and special events.

Father’s Day gift, Mother’s Day gift, wedding favors, anniversary gifts or birthday gifts or any other occasion that you could dream of.

Our gourmet chocolate in milk, dark, white peppermint, Oreo and sprinkles flavors is designed and crafted to please the most demanding chocolate connoisseur.

Do you have a gift idea or vision but aren’t sure if we can bring it to life? Try us! We are happy to work with you every step of the way. For any and all of your chocolate customizing needs, give our online gift customizer tool a whirl or contact us on 800-255-5506 today!

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