The Hammer is Back!


Totally Chocolate is putting their chocolate smashing hammers back on the menu!

Yes, your chocolate prayers have been answered!

You asked, and Totally Chocolate listened.  The chocolate smashing hammers are back to stay!

Inspired by sharing, the chocolate smashing hammers have been loved by many across the world to help in keeping portions fair-and-square between colleagues. As a matter of fact, the smashing hammer soon became the office go-to for divvying up our giant 2lb bars.

Furthermore, it kept the office staff entertained from the first momentous smash, through to the final crumbs. Moreover, hammer technique and the quality of the first-smash became the ultimate crowning glory!

the hammer is back

To many fans’ dismay, Totally chocolate suspended production of the smashing hammer in 2018. Several wrote to us, expressing their distress.

JoAnn said, “ The only disappointment was it didn’t come with a hammer (I received this as a Christmas gift last year w/hammer and loved it so ordered it for a friend).

Kathryn said, “Our client’s loved the customized chocolate and breaking it up with the hammer! 

Determined not to wreck the holiday traditions for another year, Totally Chocolate has decided to put the popular addition back on the menu for 2019.

The smashing hammers are now available for purchase, with any large chocolate bar for $4. An optional upgrade allows you to have your logo custom engraved, to make the experience even more personalized!

Order your chocolate smashing hammer today!

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