How to Celebrate Employee Birthdays with Style!


Employee birthday gifts with style

Imagine, coming into your office early morning and seeing banners, balloons, and a giant card! Someone remembered your birthday at work! Doesn’t it feel amazing?

When you work in HR for a very small organization, it’s relatively easy to achieve such regalia on a colleague’s  birthday; as they happen only once every few months. But working in a medium or large organization brings a whole different complexity to celebrating employee birthdays. Really, who is that organized to buy meaningful gifts, decorate desks and remember everyone’s special day, when they occur with such a fast frequency, sometimes almost daily? What happens if you miss someone?

Buying so many thoughtful gifts can be stressful, costly and very time consuming for a company. Employees tend also to notice how much effort is spent on each person and can easily perceive a lesser appreciation if they deem their gift is smaller, less valuable or not as thoughtful as their colleague’s.

If you are in HR or people management, here are ways you can make employee birthdays not only remembered, but remembered with great style! Plus, your management and budget will love these options!


1: Bulk custom chocolate gifts

Create a customized birthday gift or chocolate in bulk and having them stored away ready for the celebration means a birthday will never go un-announced again! A big corporate show of affection and appreciation, no one is left out, and importantly, no one gets a different value gift. Chocolate is the perfect solution.

Customize the chocolate gift with different flavors, add a company logo and brand the box however you wish. It’s ideal to give a personalized version from the company to show your appreciation on their birthday.  A custom order takes only 10 days production after you approve the artwork, which our team will design from start to finish. Just provide a logo and an idea of what you want to achieve.

Our chocolate lasts 12-18 months in the right storage conditions, so you can confidently have your HR store cupboard stocked, ready to spring into action at any moment!

2:  Surprise delivery!

Go one step further and send us a list of your employee names, birthday dates and office addresses and we’ll do the rest! We can schedule your custom logo chocolate to arrive at the office to give an extra special feeling of being appreciated. Magic!

Happy Birthday 23-Piece Chocolate Gift Ensemble

3: Need it now?

Our Ready-to-Gift selection has a wide selection of messages pre-designed if you need it now. Happy birthday, Appreciation, Thank you. Processed in 3 days and delivered to your office. Also these pre-designed premium chocolate bars or cookies are great for team building or lifting up the mood after a win or successful presentation.

Happy Birthday Milk Chocolate Wrapper Bar Wholesale

So when you ask yourself “what’s the best employee birthday gift”, don’t look any further than custom chocolate. It delivers!

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