Ready to Ship: Chocolate Gift Delivery Like Never Before

Our luxuriously wrapped and amazingly delicious gourmet chocolate can be sent to your chosen recipients and destination. Enjoy ease, speed, and convenience with our ready-to-ship chocolate gifts!

Your next chocolate bar delivery is just a click away

A delivery service for chocolate? Absolutely! You can now send a chocolate gift to practically any location within and outside the US easily and conveniently. We take every precaution to ensure your chocolate gift arrives in perfect condition to delight every gift recipient.

Show appreciation and delight recipients with thoughtful chocolate gift delivery

At Totally Chocolate, we take chocolate gifting seriously. This means we’re with you every step of the way from choosing your chocolate gifts to send to the actual delivery of the chocolates to the right address. 

Whether you’re sending to a residential or commercial destination doesn’t matter. What does matter is that each of the chocolate lovers on your gift list will be absolutely thrilled and delighted with their gift box containing premium quality gourmet chocolate to satisfy every sweet tooth

Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and flavors. Whether it’s a chocolate bar, tower, cookie set, custom squares, or anything else — we’ve got you covered.

When you choose your ready-to-ship chocolate design, all we need from you is the recipient’s name and address. From saying “thank you” to expressing holiday wishes with chocolate, chocolate gifting has never been easier!

Chocolates for delivery now made super easy

So, you’ve searched for and found the perfect chocolate gift but how do you get it to your recipient? You not only need beautiful packaging and wrapping but also the element of surprise to ensure that when you send a chocolate gift, your gift recipient will be happy and amazed. 

With our chocolate gifts delivery, we will send chocolates to your recipient in no time. We take care to ensure that your premium chocolate gift arrives in perfect condition. 

As a result of our chocolate delivery service and partnerships with major shipping companies, you no longer have to worry about how your gift will be delivered. Count on every delivery to be absolutely perfect with us!

Explore our unique selection of personalized chocolate gift options

There’s simply no better way to astound and delight a gift recipient than with a personalized chocolate gift. Our universally-loved premium white, milk, and dark chocolate ensembles, bars, cookie sets, and so much more are the perfect gift for any occasion. From corporate gifting to wedding favors or simply to say a big “thank you”, you’ll never go wrong with a chocolate gift that’s personalized.

How do we personalize your chocolate gift? We have an artistic team that works with you to create your unique design and special message to the gift recipient(s). Whether you want to order a single or multiple chocolate gifts, there’s nothing quite like a beautifully, luxuriously, and thoughtfully wrapped chocolate gift that offers bursts of oh-so-divine flavors with a personal touch.

We invite you to explore our wide range of chocolate gift options that you can choose from. As a universally-loved gift, chocolate is perfect for any occasion and with personalized chocolates, you can now take gift giving to the next level. Let us work together to design your 1 lb or 2 lb chocolate bar, chocolate ensemble, cookies, or custom shapes. 

Create the perfect gift for a client, a guest, a loved one, a team member, or anyone else. Give the gift of divine flavors and a mouth-watering experience to delight every chocolate lover.

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Custom Chocolate Specialists

Talk to our creative team of custom chocolate specialists about your chocolate personalization requirements. We will make sure to bring your vision into reality so that you can amaze every gift recipient.

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Wholesale Chocolate Gifts

When you need premium chocolate as a gift and you need lots of it, you can always count on us. Shop for our full range of customized chocolate and order the quantities you need. We’ll make sure to send them to the right person and place at the right time.

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Chocolate Logos

Take your organizational brand to the next level by adding your company logo to your chosen chocolate shape and size. Make a lasting and memorable impression with branded chocolate gifts for your next corporate event or occasion.

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Personalized Chocolate Candy Bars

Choose from our 1 lb or 2 lb chocolate bars and have them fully personalized and customized with your special message. Whether it’s a thank you, happy birthday, or season’s greetings, there’s simply no better way to delight than through personalized chocolate.

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