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Still looking for the perfect and most special gift yet? Look no further! Our best-selling chocolate makes for the best chocolate gifts! Select from a range of unique chocolate gifts to amaze and delight every recipient. From personal to corporate gifting, we’ve got you covered with a complete taste experience!

Fully custom chocolate gifts for absolutely any occasion

Corporate chocolate gifts are now fun, different, and deliciously tasty. It’s time to order your personalized chocolate business gifts as you captivate and enchant each recipient in unforgettable ways.

Your unique style, your fully custom engraved chocolate

There’s nothing quite like receiving chocolate with the special sprinkles of the unique personal touch. It’s warmer, more heartfelt, and much more memorable. This is why you can now buy bulk corporate gifts that are not only fully personalized but custom engraved, too.  These unique corporate gifts make your brand more memorable and the gifting experience extra special.

All you have to do to get your custom gift is choose the chocolate “slate” – from 1 lb and 2 lb chocolate bars to chocolate ensembles and everything in between. Once done, you can send us your idea, logo, or design and our amazing team will take it from there, turning your vision into reality.

Choose from our range of bestselling chocolates and create the perfect, most delicious, and memorable gift yet! It’s all about adding your stroke of creativity to the process and we can make it happen!

We have so many totally divine chocolate options to choose from. It’s time to take a look at our selection and choose the best chocolate gift for your special occasion. We know choosing is tough! But you’ll never look back on choosing the absolutely best way to say a “thank you” or “congratulations”. So, go on and…

Ready-to-ship chocolate to send as a gift

With us, distance is no barrier. This is because we believe chocolate should be shared worldwide. You can now choose between our different types of chocolate bars and select your chocolate gifts for shipping. It’s quick and easy!

Chocolate has never been so easy to customize and personalize and then ship to any destination. We understand that with a remote workforce or with friends and family living in different corners of the world, saying that you’re thinking of them or a simple thank you can seem like a daunting task. But it really doesn’t have to be. With our custom chocolate candy bars, you can now make a lasting and memorable impression as you reach your colleagues or loved ones with the best and most universal gift possible!

A rich assortment of the perfect chocolate gifts for any occasion

At Totally Chocolate, we believe that we all share a passion for one of the world’s most delectable and delicious sweet treats – chocolate! We bring you only the finest premium chocolate, including milk, dark, and white chocolate in our portfolio. 

If you would like to ship your customized and personalized chocolate for a special occasion or you’d like to send holiday chocolate gifts, we’ve got you covered!

You can shop for ready-to-ship gifts which takes all the hassle out of wrapping and sending. Your customized chocolate gift will easily be sent to an address of your choice. Choose the ideal product for your occasion and enjoy seamless shipping, excellent delivery, and an incredible unboxing experience, whether you order in bulk or a single quantity.

We also take chocolate bars and transform their entire essence into the most personalized, delicious, and decadent chocolate options through our custom made chocolate bars. With us, no chocolate is ever ordinary and you can count on a complete taste sensation no matter which chocolate bar or type you choose. 

And with all our specialized chocolate novelty options, you’ll never look for different chocolate again. We take great pride in our heritage at offering delectable varieties of chocolate in different flavors, which means more choice for you and total taste bud satisfaction.

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Custom Chocolate Gifts

Your style, your custom chocolate gifts. Yes, we make this possible! It’s all about aligning your personal goals with your ideal chocolate type.

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Wholesale Chocolate Gifts

If you need chocolate and you need lots of it, we can help! With our wholesale chocolate gifts, corporate or event gifting has never been easier.

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Chocolate Logos

So, you’re looking to place your brand’s logo on a chocolate? Yes, we can handle it all. Simply send us your design and we’ll make it happen.

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Personalized Chocolate Candy Bars

What fun are chocolate candy bars if they’re not personalized? Let us help you create your special message and place it on the chocolate of your choice.

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