5 Tips for Designing a Memorable Personalized Box of Chocolates

A team designing a personalized box of chocolates, featuring a box and color swatch

Imagine the feelings of absolute delight and joy when being gifted a personalized box of chocolates. The box is very pretty. You almost don’t want to open it. But the temptation is too great and you lift the top of the box, revealing company logo chocolates that look so yummy, you want to devour them all.

Now, that’s a memorable gift. And if you’re in the space of event planning and employee appreciation, you know the importance of personalization in corporate gifting. Here at Totally Chocolate, we fully recognize that a memorable box of chocolates can go a long way to cementing professional relationships.

That’s why we offer five simple tips below on designing these personalized boxes of chocolate, helping make your gifting efforts an absolute hit with every recipient. Let’s get started.

Tip 1: Understand Your Audience

Say that you work in a corporate environment and you want to give your team, clients, or suppliers a special gift. Alternatively, you’re planning a corporate event and you’d like every attendee to walk away with a special treat. We all know that chocolate is the right answer.

But how do you pick the perfect one when you know that Bob from finance is a connoisseur of dark chocolate while Linda from marketing is an absolute lover of white chocolate? Or, what if you don’t know what chocolate your recipients love?

The answer is simple: you need to take the time to understand your target audience and create your custom chocolate with a company logo on it that screams personalization. For this to happen successfully, you need to know who your gifts are for.

This can mean creating a medley of different types of custom logo chocolate, such as dark, milk, and white chocolate, to hit the right note each and every time.

Tip 2: Choose High-Quality Ingredients and Materials

Okay, so you’ve figured out who enjoys what type of chocolate and you’ve decided to go with a combination of different types of chocolate to cater to a broad range of tastes. That’s a great starting point.

But where will you put your chocolate in the first place? You need the right high-quality materials for your chocolate box that are not only sturdy during transportation but also durable enough not to break down when used. Corrugated, Kraft, rigid, cardboard, and other materials are an excellent choice for this purpose.

In addition, you want to make sure that the actual chocolate in the box is of the highest quality, using premium ingredients for a superior taste experience.

Tip 3: Focus on Unique and Creative Designs

Now, we’ve all been on the receiving end of boxes of chocolates at some point in our lives. And we are willing to bet that most of these boxes were rectangular or square. While not necessarily boring (they do contain amazing chocolate after all), they are quite standard.

And you want your box of chocolates to stand out. So, why not try experimenting with some unconventional shapes? Stars, diamonds, hearts, triangles, and many more shapes are possible with our customization options, which include engraved chocolate for that extra special refined touch in your chocolate gifting endeavors.

What’s more, with custom logo chocolate within your unique box, you’re on your way to making an even more memorable experience. Remember, the perfect gift is as much about what’s on the inside as what’s on the outside.

Tip 4: Incorporate Brand Elements

The last thing you want with your box of chocolates is for the gift to look generic, a.k.a.: just another box of chocolates that one can pick up from a store and leave it at that. No: you want your box of chocolates to stand out and “speak” to every recipient.

This is where you need to incorporate brand elements such as logos, colors, and messages, which when used together, can enhance brand recognition. Your company logo chocolates should be encased in a specially branded box that’s accompanied by high-quality printing, strategic and central placement of logos and brand details.

And importantly: it should be accompanied by personalized notes or thank you messages that warm the heart and leave a lasting positive impression on every recipient.

Pro tip: Avoid placing logos on the corners of your box of chocolates because that’s the first part to get damaged when it is in transit to its destination. Rather keep your branding centered on the box so that you take full advantage of the opportunity to showcase your brand effectively.

Tip 5: Pay Attention to Packaging

And now, as the final tip in this list, you need to pay attention to the packaging. As we mentioned already, the perfect box of chocolates is as much about what is inside as what it looks like on the outside.

And packaging plays a critical role in creating a memorable unboxing experience. If you aren’t sure where to start, why not reach out to us for our packaging details, which include elegant boxes made of eco-friendly materials?

What’s more, you can choose from seasonal or holiday-themed packaging ideas for your unique branded chocolate boxes. Now that’s a perfect corporate gift worth giving!


Branded chocolate gifts should never be generic. That’s why you need to put careful thought into your gift. From picking the right materials for the exterior and choosing the right chocolate for your personalized box to selecting the shape and type of branding you’d like to use — each of these fine details adds up to create the perfect gift.

As we always say, your chocolate gift should be personalized in every possible way and that’s exactly what we can help you with. Get in touch with us now to discover all the ways in which you can create the ideal box of chocolates for your corporate gifting needs and marketing efforts and absolutely elevate the recipient’s experience.

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