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Everything You Never Knew About Chocolate

Chocolate essentially rules the world, at least in terms of the most beloved treat that’s consumed on a global scale. But what makes chocolate so appealing? Why has this specific delicacy crossed cultures, eras (literally centuries), and remains the most popular choice of confection for basically every holiday, and event? What is it about chocolate?…

How to Build a Brand – and Advertise It With Chocolate

Whether you are starting a business from scratch or taking your existing business in a new marketing direction, branding your company is one of the most thrilling, and most important endeavours you will take as a business owner. Your company’s visual brand is everything! It communicates with your intended audience, with your current customers and…

Dazzle with Custom Chocolate Draped in Silver and Gold

We all know that chocolate is a great way to show friends, family, and other loved ones that we care. However, this sweet gift can also be put to use in the corporate world to build business relationships and market your company in cocoa-covered fashion. And now, you have more options than ever to WOW!…

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