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Everything You Never Knew About Chocolate

Chocolate essentially rules the world, at least in terms of the most beloved treat that’s consumed on a global scale. But what makes chocolate so appealing? Why has this specific delicacy crossed cultures, eras (literally centuries), and remains the most popular choice of confection for basically every holiday, and event? What is it about chocolate?…

Do Chocolate Easter Eggs Taste Different Than Other Chocolate?

Easter is almost here and that means all things chocolate! (In addition, of course, to the traditional and religious importance of the holiday.) If you can believe it, the week of Easter sees the highest chocolate sales worldwide. Even more than Christmas or Valentine’s Day or Halloween. What makes chocolate so appealing during this wonderful…

Is Chocolate Vegan? 

People decide to “go vegan” for many reasons: health, religion or spiritual ideologies, environmental concerns, or it might simply be a matter of preference. Eating only vegan food is a big commitment and takes a shift in lifestyle. While it may seem like you are going to have to give up A LOT (and you…

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