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Why Do We Give Chocolate On Valentine’s Day?

In most of the Western world where Valentine’s Day is celebrated, it’s extremely commonplace for couples and romantic attachments to give each other chocolates as a symbol of love. While teddy bears and roses are some other options that go along with the gift package, chocolates are the absolute staple. But have you ever wondered…

Why Is Chocolate Associated With Love?

Love is a sense of brotherhood. A closeness. A great affinity and affection towards another person. And although this certainly is no Shakespearean sonnet to describe love, we can all agree that love is universal. It’s the fluttering tummy, the perspiring palms, the quickened heartbeat. It’s the excitement and anticipation of seeing your lover once…

Chocolate Gift Ideas For Your Boss That Are Work-Appropriate

Gift-giving is a part of many, if not most, cultures across the globe. In personal relations, it’s a great way of showing appreciation to another person. But what about the workplace environment? While it’s perfectly okay to give a colleague a thank-you note or a small token of appreciation, is it okay to give your…

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