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Everything You Never Knew About Chocolate

Chocolate essentially rules the world, at least in terms of the most beloved treat that’s consumed on a global scale. But what makes chocolate so appealing? Why has this specific delicacy crossed cultures, eras (literally centuries), and remains the most popular choice of confection for basically every holiday, and event? What is it about chocolate?…

Why Do We Eat Chocolate Eggs and Bunnies at Easter?

We all likely know that Easter is a Catholic holiday — the culmination of the story of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection — and yet, so many Easter traditions that we are used to seeing every year have little to do with anything biblical at all. Specifically, we’re talking about chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies.  Where…

The History Of Chocolate

Ever wondered how chocolate came to be? We’ve created this infographic for you. Most people know that chocolate originated in South America where cocoa beans grow naturally, but you may be surprised to learn that the chocolate you know and love today is nothing like the chocolate that was originally consumed by ancient South American tribes.…

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