6 Gifts that Bring Joy and Not More Clutter!


“That day, I learned that I could be a giver by simply bringing a smile to another person.” – Maya Angelou

Have you ever wondered how you could give a gift that sparks joy, yet reduces clutter? Wonder no more!

The number of occasions for gift-giving is nearly endless: corporate occasions, weddings, births, birthdays and holidays. The list goes on and on.

You’d like to sweeten someone’s day, of course. Then again, you do not want to add to their collection of “things.” Edible chocolate gifts that one wouldn’t purchase on a regular basis are a wonderful choice!

Below are some exquisite Marie Kondo’esque gift ideas for clutter-free gifting:

Client Gift Baskets (Towers)

It’s almost THAT time of year. Yes, the exciting “H” word. The holidays!

Now is the time to think about client gifts. And, what better way to express gratitude to those who have helped build your business? Surprise them with unique gift baskets. (In actuality, our version of baskets are luxe towers!)


Our Indulgent 2-Piece Gift Tower is a stunning presentation in Signature Blue gift boxes with copper accents. Nestled inside the top tier are 12 of our European style cookies draped in creamy Belgian milk, dark, and Oreo + white chocolate.

The bottom tier accommodates an engraved bar of pure Belgian chocolate – 2 pounds worth! Who doesn’t love a giant chocolate bar?

The benefits of edible gifting are two-fold. You get to give a decadent sweet treat that is clutter-free. You are giving a delicious experience! In addition, when gifting towers, the sleek, sturdy luxe boxes can be re-used like below! (Perfect for Konmari practices!)


“Pockets of organization brings peace to the heart, mind and soul.” – Laura Thompson, Professional Organizer and Executive Assistant

Engraved VIP Chocolate Gifts

Personalized VIP gifts make a powerful statement. They show that you have put thought into the actual gift. In addition, they also can strengthen business ties.

Create memorable edible memories and show appreciation with an impact. Our Indulgent Combo Belgian Chocolate Bar is guaranteed to please any chocolate aficionado!

Your custom design is engraved in dark Belgian chocolate and surrounded by creamy, Belgian milk chocolate. Conversely, you can flip the design. You may choose a milk chocolate center and have it surrounded by dark chocolate.

This stunning combo arrives in a chic, sturdy black box. Add a custom, personalized (removable) sleeve to truly showcase a luscious treat! Furthermore, once the chocolate has been eaten, the gorgeous box can be re-purposed too!


Tradeshow Giveaways

Tradeshows are perfect opportunities for businesses to showcase their products and/or services. This is a place where you really want to stand out!

For example, you can create a tasteful impact with branded chocolate gifts! Chocolate business promotional gifts create a classy first impression. Sweet, creamy, luxurious Belgian chocolate engraved with your company logo? Scrumptious AND creative!

Not sure where to start? Check out our Chocolate Business Card!


Indulgent Belgian chocolate is engraved with your logo and contact information. For maximum impact, the custom printed box can be designed to spectacularly showcase the sweet delicacy inside!

Company Gifts

Delight your employees with a gift that looks as beautiful as it tastes. Shower them with appreciation with this thoughtful 23-Piece Ensemble.

Each ensemble includes a Belgian dark chocolate center bar, beautifully engraved. Surrounding the bar are 23 expertly crafted morsels of white chocolate and cookies & cream.

This gourmet treat is packaged in a beautiful golden box. The understated, yet classy golden package design is perfect for re-use and is a wonderful storage option.

Event Passes and Tickets

Movie or event passes are wonderful gifts to give for those who truly want to simply enjoy an experience. This is especially perfect for those who strive to live clutter-free.

With an event gift, recipients will create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. Additionally, they will appreciate the fact that you have helped contribute to their zero-waste lifestyle!

Custom Wedding Favors

Wedding favors, although not mandatory, are a delightful way to thank your guests for attending your special day.

Custom Belgian Chocolate Trios are a memorable way to say thank you. Customize the package to symbolize your love. For example, you may choose to adorn the packaging with a photo of the two of you. Or, perhaps you’d like a heartfelt poem or quote.

Each bar is encased in luxe, golden foil. Additionally, you can have the creamy, premium chocolate engraved with “Thank You” or any other message.  In fact, you can also have your caricatures imprinted directly onto the chocolate!

Decadent chocolate wedding gift favors will delight your recipients. Moreover, the chocolate gifts will not require creating more space on the knick-knack shelf! Heartfelt memories and personalized chocolate without the clutter! These Kosher treats are sure to please!

In conclusion, show your appreciation and gratitude with low-to-no-clutter gifts. It’s impossible to go wrong, whether you choose high-quality specialty chocolate delicacies or memory-making experiences.

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