Why January Gifts Sometimes Have More Impact!


The holidays are the most popular time for corporate gift-giving. Holidays are the season to show appreciation to clients, business partners, and employees alike.

However, for some companies, gifting during the holidays may NOT be the most advantageous.

What is a brilliant way for your company to stand out? Send out your corporate gifts in January!

Below are some ideas why January presents may be YOUR next gifting strategy.

The Element of Surprise

Often, in the hustle and bustle of gift exchanges and holiday parties, the joy of receiving presents may slightly lose its lustre.

Not to mention, November and December are the months when people most expect gifts. But if you are wanting to truly WOW your recipients, wait until January! Your gift will be received with delight and wonderment.

Similarly, it will most likely be more memorable. Especially since it will not be screaming for attention amidst all the other merry gifts of the season. Most importantly, it will not be anticipated.

Less Gift Clutter

January, after the holiday clutter has cleared, is an opportune month to surprise your recipients with thank you gifts.

Offering your gratitude for the prior years’ business or services is a small act of kindness. Furthermore, it is a large step toward keeping your company at the forefront. Your brand will be remembered and received with delight!

Taking the gifting a step further, you can choose consumable clutter-free gifts. This may be the most delightful part of all. (Especially since January is when most of the holiday gifts are put away or put to use.)

For example, our ready-to-gift Thank You Chocolate Bars are perfect for showing gratitude. These scrumptious, artful treats of creamy premium chocolate will definitely please the chocolate connoisseurs on your list.

Alternatively, you can gift with custom chocolate. In fact, push the memorability factor up a notch. Personalized chocolates can be artfully created with your logo or motto.

For instance, our Grand Belgian Chocolate Bar is the perfect canvas for engraving a fresh, exciting New Year message. This bar is a hefty 1 pound of luxurious premium chocolate. A magnificent New Year treat!

In essence, these are exquisite, thoughtful gifts that will not take up space. And yet, you still get to show your clients or employees that you appreciate them.

Thank You Indulgent Chocolate Bar Gift

A Remedy for the Holiday Handout Hangover

It’s January. The December drama has passed. The holiday hordes have disappeared. The parade of presents has dwindled. By the same token, life has returned to normalcy.

Now, you get to perfectly time the arrival of the surprise corporate gifts that you have thoughtfully chosen.

Better yet, you get to brighten the dark days of winter with much-needed New Year joy! “How?” you might ask.

A 12-piece Engraved Premium Chocolate Cookie Set, for instance, is a luxurious business chocolate gift. Not to mention, these cookies pair perfectly with a creamy mug of hot cocoa or a cup of rich gourmet coffee.

These would make a perfect after-holiday, chilly-season chocolate client gift!

Alternatively, you can brighten the winter blues with these bright and festive Confetti Belgian Chocolate Cookies.

Each European-style cookie is draped with sweet white Belgian chocolate. In addition, mixed into the chocolate is an array of brightly colored cake sprinkles.

These cookies are sure to lighten up anyone’s day! Additionally, these may be the best corporate gifts for clients. For one thing, they are shareable! Who knows? Your clients’ generosity in sharing their gifts may translate into more business for you!


Renewed Enthusiasm for the New Year

It’s a new year. Likewise, it’s time for new beginnings and a fresh start.

Make a memorable impression with corporate gifts for employees: a 9-Piece premium chocolate dipped Oreo® Cookie set. What a luscious fresh start to a new year!

In fact, sending out your corporate gifts in January can be a way to rejuvenate your recipients. Get them excited for the new year and new ventures.

Let them know that they are important to you, while also staying at the top of their minds. (Now that December has passed, the Yuletide blur won’t be a factor in forgetting who gave them what.)


Avoid Missed Deliveries

The holidays are a time when families gather to celebrate. Which means, many people will have arranged travel plans.

While your recipients are traipsing “over the river and through the woods,” you don’t want to have your gift sitting somewhere waiting for pick up. Additionally, you want to avoid a package being returned due to being undeliverable because your recipients are away.

Gifting in January (or later) guarantees your recipient will be available to receive their gift.

As can be seen above, there are many reasons to make January your corporate gifting month. Avoid the crowds, relax, and enjoy your holidays.

Then, make an unforgettable impression for the new year.

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