Ultimate business gift guide. Who gets what and for how much?


Who gets what and for how much? Great employee gift ideas and client gift ideas, along with the budgets to keep it all fair and square!

Ah, the conundrum of what to give to whom and for how much can be a tricky one to tackle.  Maybe your client has 100 employees, many of whom are junior level, yet provide you amazing service that needs to be acknowledged. Or you need to get gifts for employees at your own company who have worked tirelessly, but have jobs ranging from entry level to VP.

What’s the business gift giving protocol? How can you approach it so that the gift is memorable, yet appropriate for the relationship and the budget?

As a general rule, it is easiest to organize corporate gifts by relationship, as well as levels within the business.  Is the recipient the CEO who brings in big dollars to your company? They would be at the highest level of the budget. If the recipient is a key, junior level contact who consistently makes your job easier, then that would warrant a thoughtful and personalized gift in the mid budget range. It shows you took extra time to think specifically of them yet keeps your dollars in check.

Another thing to remember when making your gift budgets and selections is that a recipient who brings in money to your company should get a higher ticket gift than someone you pay for services. In other more blunt words, don’t feel guilty about allocating a nicer gift for your ad agency, which generates income, than your cleaning crew, which costs you money. Still valued and essential, of course, but not a moneymaker.

And don’t forget, you always get the biggest bang for your buck when adding a personalized touch. Something small and wallet-friendly with a name or company logo (like our corporate chocolate gifts) speaks louder than something large and expensive that requires no thought or intention.

Below is a general guide of recipients, management levels and budgets that helps to easily manage your gift giving:

Estimate business gift budgets

(Surveyed from 3639 businesses between 2015-2017)

Executive Business Gift (decision makers)

Starts at $125 per gift

Tasting Box 3-Piece Gift Tower Caramels, Bar & Gourmet Treats, Fully Custom

Indulgent 3-Piece Gift Tower Caramels, Cookies & Bar Fully Custom

Middle Management Business Gift

Between $50-$75 per gift



Fully custom luxury tasting box

Junior Management Business Gift

Between $25-$45 per gift



Employee Business Gift

Between $35 to $50 per gift



Vendor Business Gift

Between $35 to $100 per gift




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