Why Companies Should Buy Chocolate In Bulk

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We’ve all heard the saying: You’ve got to buy more to save more. Well, what if that could be applied to delicious, high quality chocolate that is custom made for you?

One of the areas we pride ourselves on most is accommodating our customers who need to order chocolate in bulk. Whether it is 20 items, 100, 1,000 or more, at Totally Chocolate we fill orders small and large, in both size and quantity. Really, when it comes to chocolate, there’s (almost) nothing that we can’t do!

You might be wondering why companies buy chocolate in bulk? There are lots of reasons, and we’ve heard them all.

Buying Chocolate In Bulk Saves You Money

The number one reason, of course, is to save money. At Totally Chocolate, we offer discounts on larger orders. The bigger the order, the better the savings.

Businesses have a bottom line and cost savings always need to be considered. Whether your company is ordering personalized chocolates for a swag bag at a conference, as a customized promotional gift to attendees at a trade show, or even for a company milestone, event or chocolate business gifts, we can help. If you are ordering in bulk, we will guide you towards getting the best value.

Flavors & Sizes Galore

Another reason businesses order chocolate in bulk is because they often want a variety of flavors and sizes. Maybe that combination includes a mix of milk and dark chocolate and/or small and large items. When they start to add it all up, the order turns out to be bulk sized. Well, that’s no problem either!

We fill variety orders often, and are happy to do it. Variety is the spice of life, we say. A bulk order doesn’t have to hit just one note or be just one kind of chocolate. Get creative and mix it up! We can handle it. We also create items for companies that want something special but can’t quite decide what it should be. It’s called the Bulk Bar and it is 11 lbs/ 5kgs of crowd pleasing 100% Kosher, premium chocolate happiness.

Get It Fresh

The final reason we think businesses should order in bulk is because we create each order fresh and with the highest quality ingredients. We do not (repeat: DO NOT) pump our chocolate full of preservatives so they can sit on a shelf for years at a time.
We create our chocolate products to order, even when a company buys in bulk, so that our high standards of flavor and quality are achieved every time. We create each and every piece of a bulk order with the care and attention of an individual product.

Our ingredients are incredibly important to us and we never waiver on quality. Our exceptional quality cocoa beans are processed into fine chocolate using premium European dairy ingredients and the highest standard equipment. Our recipe calls for an extra measure of cocoa butter – the most expensive ingredient in chocolate – to create an extra luxurious taste.

This process does not change whether the order is large or small, so don’t fret over freshness if you are considering buying our custom chocolates in bulk.

In conclusion, buying in bulk is cost-effective and convenient for companies, and the chocolates we create always arrive freshly made and mighty delicious. We’ve filled small orders for large groups and large orders for small groups.

Whatever your needs, we are happy to help deliver the right bulk, branded, chocolate products for you. Check out our store to get some ideas today.

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