Strengthening Business Relationships Year Round


All lasting business is built on friendship.

Alfred A. Montapert, an author and philosopher, once wrote, “All lasting business is built on friendship.” Whether it’s a new customer, long-term client, employee and valued vendor or supplier, it’s the relationship you build with the people you do business that determines the strength and durability of your company. In fact, a recent study by Harvard University, The Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Research Center found that 85% of job success comes from people skills, rather than technical expertise. Think about that…job success is business success. This means relationship building has never been more important in business than it is today.

But how do you build personal relationships with your business associates? First, you get to know them and LISTEN. Ask questions about their weekend, their day, their holiday plans. While they may not give expansive detail, they will drop cues or hints that give you an idea of what they enjoy doing outside the office, or the challenges they face daily while at work. Visit them in person. Yes, technology has made it infinitely easier to work with people in different cities and countries, but nothing tops a face to face visit. If extensive travel isn’t in your budget or timeframe, then pick up the phone or do a video conference instead of email or messaging platform like Slack. There’s a common saying in business, “I’ll fly if you buy.” Sometimes you have to fly before they’ll buy. Understand the nuance of the relationship, make the investment and it will pay off!

Acknowledge the value you place on the relationship. Too often, we get so caught up in getting through to-do lists that we forget to tell our business associates, employees, clients, customers, vendors and suppliers how important they are to you and your business. Gift those most important to your business throughout the year, not just during the holidays.

So what is a business gift? Below is a simple guide for people, ideas and year round occasions that offer you the opportunity to show your friendship, and how much you value those who work hard to make your business run more efficiently:

Tax Preparers & CPAsCPA Milk Chocolate Coin in Gold Foil Gift Giveaway

Even with technology making business easier, there are some meetings that must be on-site, particularly when you’re a tax preparer or certified public accountant. Leave-behinds are always welcome, especially when it’s food-related. Make it pure Belgian chocolate, and your clients will be forever grateful you stopped by, even if their tax bill was a little higher than they hoped!

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Other Professional Services

 No matter what your expertise, a treasured business gift is classic, luxurious, has high perceived value and is unforgettable. Food or chocolate business gifts, especially when they’re crafted of pure Belgian chocolate with precision-engraved designs that speak directly to your relationship, tell customers and clients that there’s no corner-cutting when they work with you.

Or, have fun off the golf course with trio of fully custom Belgian chocolate golf balls

Business Development & Salesfully-custom-chocolate-2003-petite-4x6-combo-bar-2

 Delivered an important pitch? Now’s the time to make a statement that stands out from the competition!  A custom-crafted, precision-engraved pure Belgian chocolate business gift is the way to do it.

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In the day-to-day of doing business, too often reasons to celebrate get overlooked. A new account, meeting a team goal, completing a project before the deadline and on budget? All these and more are reason to celebrate your team, your customers and your vendors or suppliers. Decadent chocolate packaged in shimmering metallic wrapping brings the party to their doorstep!

Gift Towers , Indulgent two-pound bars, shareable ensembles , shapes and more—all made of pure Belgian chocolate, precision-engraved and carefully crafted are guaranteed to make people feel special.

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Client BirthdaysTCWeb-Mobile-PersonalizeBanners-Birthday-768x600

 Cakes are common. Cupcakes are niche. When you really want to celebrate a client, customer or team member’s birthday in style, do it with an Indulgent two-pound Bar made of pure Belgian chocolate or a 23-piece shareable ensemble to share with the office. For the same price as a traditional birthday treat, you can deliver happiness and an unforgettable birthday. Go beyond birthdays as usual with this cake and sprinkles inspired gourmet Belgian chocolate collection. This one takes the cake!

Thank You

Take your thank you to new heights! Totally Chocolate decadent chocolate gifts, luxuriously wrapped, go miles beyond a standard thank you note. One of the most effective ways to strengthen business relationships is through demonstrations of gratitude and appreciation. Yes, a comment is appreciated, an email brings a quick smile, but when you want your intention to be truly remembered, say it with a precision-engraved, hand-crafted pure Belgian chocolate treat that’s free of waxes and fillers and certified Kosher. Totally Chocolate’s ”thank you” collection is specifically designed to help businesses express their thanks and gratitude to customers, clients, employees, contractors, vendors and suppliers!


 According to, sending a gift to someone is a proven way to strengthen the relationship and add value to your business. When someone does something truly above and beyond, show them you appreciate it. Totally Chocolate’s gourmet selection of decadent chocolate gifts, beautifully presented in a shimmering theme shows appreciation in a meaningful and delicious way! Whether it’s because someone stayed late to finish a big project for an even bigger client, or your network is on hyperdrive and sending lots of qualified new business leads your way, showing you appreciation goes a long way to solidify and strengthen any business relationship.

Totally Chocolate’s collection of Appreciation-themed pure Belgian chocolate gifts give you a wide range of options, for every business relationship and every budget.

Conventions, Trade Shows & Industry EventsTCWeb-Customizer-CookieImages-Appreciation

Trade shows, conventions and industry event: necessities in every business, no matter which industry you are in. Make them memorable with an innovative gift or giveaway that brings surprise and delight to everyone who receives it. Here a list of corporate gift ideas that can strengthen business relationships at conventions, trade shows and industry events:

  • Classic wrapper chocolate bars: Show booth visitors you appreciate their time by gifting these creamy, velvety smooth and delicious classic wrapper bars custom engraved with your logo and with a wrapper printed with your artwork.
  • Custom shapes: Get people buzzing about your company’s innovative thinking with custom shaped custom-engraved chocolate treats.
  • Foil-wrapped coins: Place bowls strategically around the booth and fill them with these tasty Belgian chocolate foil-wrapped shapes, including coins, squares, rectangles, hearts and more!
  • Individually wrapped cookies: Cookies are a guaranteed way to bring a smile to someone’s face. Make it a European-style, individually-wrapped cookie topped with pure milk or dark Belgian chocolate, and you’ll have them grinning from ear to ear!
  • Engraved Belgian chocolate business cards: Give them a business card they’ll never forget. A 2”x3” delectable custom-engraved Belgian chocolate business card has all of your contact information printed on the wrapper, plus delivers an exceptional taste experience with every bite.

Holiday gifts that arrive in January TCWeb-ThankYouBanner-768x600

When you know that the vast majority of holiday business gifts get overlooked due to sheer volume, wait a couple of weeks and send yours in January. It will definitely get noticed!

Other unusual times of year for corporate gifting? Any time of year! Nearly 9 out of 10 companies give business gifts to clients, customers, employees and vendors during the holidays, so be original and creative and do the unexpected!

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