Chocolate in All Its Different Forms


One of the best things about chocolate, besides how it tastes and how it makes a person feel happy and excited, is how diverse it is in different cultures on the planet. The world of chocolate is thrilling because new combos and creations are constantly popping up, and catering to (and even influencing) the public’s ever changing tastes.

Trends in chocolate come and go but there are the classics that will never go out of style. The following form the basis for any creative chocolate combo, these are the original three, the true blue, the ever reliable gold standards.

Dark Chocolate

Personalized Signature Holidays Dark Chocolate Indulgent Bar in Signature Blue PackagingDark chocolate has started to gain more popularity in North America over the last few years, and it’s been the preference in other parts of the world like Europe for a long time. Dark chocolate ranges in cocoa percentages, and for a true dark chocolate, the percentage of cocoa falls anywhere from a 60-80%.

What percentage of cacao is in your Dark Belgian chocolate?
Our dark chocolate is a 60% cacao so it’s strong but not bitter, while our milk chocolate is a smooth 38%.

Dark chocolate is made of cocoa butter, sugar and chocolate liquor (the industry name for the liquid created by grinding up the center of the cocoa bean). Flavors can be added to dark chocolate, but true lovers covet the smooth bitter taste all on its own.


ready-gift-chocolate-SHX320010X-home-sweet-home-2x3-milk-chocolate-shape-featuredMilk Chocolate

Another true classic and the kind that is most popular with Americans, milk chocolate is the type you will usually find in custom chocolate bars and the majority of any box of chocolates. Milk chocolate is sweet, creamy, delicious and versatile and tastes oh-so-good in combination with loads of different things.


White Chocolate

White chocolate is a sneaky one because while it is made of cocoa butter, it does not contain any cocoa solids. It’s sweet and smooth and free from any of the bitterness that comes with dark chocolate. Whether or not this is truly part of the inner circle of true chocolate is a hotly contested topic, but it’s delicious nonetheless.

The above are the basics, and that’s just the beginning. And yes, dark, milk and white chocolate is amazing on its own. Plenty of people enjoy the treat in its pure form; they buy real Belgian milk or dark chocolate bars of it and savor the taste as it melts in the mouth. They don’t want to be distracted by anything crunchy, chewy or any other flavor profile.

Others seek adventure, exciting roadtrips to flavor town. For those that appreciate chocolate but want to see where else it can go, here are some of the more interesting chocolate combo ideas out there.


Spicy chocolate

From chipotle to jalapeño to wasabi, a range of spices can be added to chocolate for a eye-watering, nose clearing treat.

Salty chocolate

From nuts to straight up rock salt, salty chocolate is perfect for people who crave that salty/sweet balance.

Fruity chocolate

One of the original combos, there are more adventurous fruit-chocolates out there, like honeydew, cranberries, lychee and sun-dried tomatoes.

Crunchy chocolate

For the texture seekers out there that need the satisfaction of a crunch, – crunchy chocolate toffee pretzels, peppermint, cake and sprinkles gourmet treats, and crispy chocolate pearls, are among the holiday gift basket treat options you’ll find at Totally Chocolate, for your client business gifting needs.

This list is by no means definitive, but we don’t want to go on forever. Instead, maybe you want to start experimenting yourself. Whatever your preference, we are certain you will find the right chocolate combo to your taste, among Totally Chocolate‘s selection of luxurious corporate logo gifts.

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