Impressive Business Gifts: Personalized Chocolate Bars in High Detail


The art of gift giving has evolved over the years. These days, people are after that one-of-a-kind, hit-the-nail-on-the-head kind of gift. And why not?! There is great satisfaction in knowing that you gave someone a gift that is everything they didn’t even know they wanted.

When it comes to giving business gifts, getting it right is a bit like walking on a balance beam. You need to find something both personal and professional, and that is a narrow path with seemingly few options…unless you come to Totally Chocolate!

We are happy that business gifts have come a long way, and we offer a great many options for business (and all kinds of) gifts. We even hope that one day, generic gift baskets will be a thing of the past!

We think that a personalized chocolate bar or chocolate gift is the ultimate business gift, that it can satisfy even the most hard to buy for business associates.

At Totally Chocolate, we offer a wide range of personalized chocolate bars and gift options. We produce high detail, high quality customized chocolates and packaging that are guaranteed to impress. Here are some of our offerings:

Chocolate Barsfully-custom-chocolate-1016-grand-bar-featured-space-needle

So many options to customize! Choose between one solid type of chocolate or a combination, and design the chocolate and the packaging with important dates or logos for an unforgettable business gift.

Luxury Tasting Boxes and Towers

Consult with us to learn all the different ways you can customize these high-end luxury gift options. Choose from a variety of premium treats and gorgeous packaging.

Custom Shapes

Think outside the box! What shape is your or your associate’s logo? We are happy to customize the shapes of our chocolate to make for an unforgettable and completely unique gift.

Chocolate Ensemblefully-custom-chocolate-3032-indulgent-23-ensemble-granite-mountain

The gift that keeps on giving. A custom engraved chocolate bar placed in the middle and surrounded by individual chocolates, encased in personalized packaging. Different sized options offer even more choices.

Plus more! And if you have an idea but are not sure we can do it, contact our incredible team who will work with you every step of the way.

We hope that custom chocolate masterpieces become the new gold standard, especially when it comes to business gift giving.

And since we have so many satisfied customers coming back to order again, we make it easy to reorder year after year.

If you are looking for ways to impress your business associate or customers or clients, consider giving them the most impressive business gifta personalized chocolate bar or chocolate business gift that is custom made just for them!

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