12 Things to Thank Your Dad For This Father’s Day

12 things to thank your dad for this father's day

With Father’s Day just around the corner, many children and siblings will be putting their heads together to think of a special way to say a big Father’s Day thank you. It doesn’t matter what age you are or how old your dad is.

Expressing gratitude to your dad for everything he’s done for you over the years is a wonderful gesture and one that will make him feel special and appreciated. If you are running out of ideas for what to say “thanks” to dad for, take a look at 12 of the top reasons we collected below.

Each one is special enough on its own. But when put together, it’s a truly amazing way to tell dad how much he means to you. Let’s take a look.

Things to thank your dad for this Father’s Day

And now, we present to you our list of 12 things to thank your dad for this Father’s Day. Even though it’s not exhaustive and you can probably add another 12 to the list, the things mentioned below are some of the most common ones children choose to thank their dads for.

1. Offering advice

Whether solicited or unsolicited, your dad has offered you his 10 cents’ worth over the years. It could be related to what friends he thinks are good for you or dating advice. The bottom line is that even if you didn’t take his advice when you were younger, he had your best interests at heart and should be appreciated for this reason alone.

2. Giving some tough love

If your dad grounded you from time to time or laid down some strict rules, he wasn’t being mean. He was just giving you some tough love. He wanted to instill a sense of discipline and responsibility in you that you will thank him for later in life. So, when you feel that dad’s rules are unfair, take a step back and know that he is only looking out for you and your best interests.

3. Telling corny dad jokes

Telling corny dad jokes is a staple in so many fathers’ repertoires that we couldn’t include this one in the list. Although you may have rolled your eyes whenever another pun came out of his mouth, you will always remember that he had a sense of humor and was trying to lighten a difficult situation you may have been in.

4. Buying you things you needed

Dads are there for you not just for emotional support and for telling jokes. They’re there on the material side of things, too. Daughters will know that they can rely on their dads better than anyone to buy them their sanitary and hygiene products. Meanwhile, dads also provide for all your needs, whether these be educational, social, entertainment, or even just the basics such as clothes and food.

5. Teaching you to be responsible

If your dad gave you an allowance, he also probably taught you the best way to use it. And if you’ve just learned how to drive and got your first ticket, your dad is going to be the guy who makes sure you pay for it yourself. Each of these factors makes you a more responsible adult and this is a skill you’ll use throughout your life. It’s worth thanking dad for this!

6. Sharing his taste of music

Whether you liked it or not at the time, your dad would have shared some of his taste in music with you. Hip-hop, R&B, rock music, classical, and others could be way up on your dad’s playlist. And being exposed to different music styles means you get a wider perspective of the world and can appreciate different styles of music more than ever.

7. X-raying your dates

This one is for the ladies. We all know how much dads love their daughters and want only the best for them. This is why they would have x-rayed all of your dates and laid strict rules for when you should be home by. This simply means they care so much about you and it’s worth thanking him for having your back and wanting the best for you.

8. Taking you where you needed to go

Up until the point when you get your driver’s license, your dad would have been your chauffeur to sports events, concerts, sleepovers at friends, barbecues, camping, hiking, swimming, and practically every other activity you can think of.

9. Being a great listener

Dads are known to be great listeners and sometimes, a hug and a good talk is all that you need to help you feel better. They’re great supporters and can often find just the right thing to say to help you overcome whatever is troubling you.

10. Offering you his full support

Another thing to thank dad for this Father’s Day includes having his full support in practically any area of your life. As your support system, dad is someone who always has your back and will do anything for you at the drop of a hat. So, it’s time to recognize this and give dad a huge hug to say thank you!

11. Always being the optimist

No matter how tough life can get, you can always rely on dad to be the eternal optimist. A glass-half-full kind of guy, dads will always help you see the brighter side of any situation no matter how it may look in the present moment.

12. Being your number-one fan

And lastly on our list, dads should be appreciated not least because they are your number one fan. They want the absolute best for you and they will do what they can to ensure you get it. So, it’s time to recognize all the effort that dad has put into raising you to be who you are today and say a big thanks to him for that!

What do most dads want for Father’s Day?

Research shows that most Americans plan to thank their dad this Father’s Day. Although there are some discrepancies in the research in terms of what dads want to receive, one feature that’s common across all the survey participants is that dads want to be appreciated with small gestures and time spent with the family.

Apart from experiences and activities, some dads will also get clothing and gift vouchers, technology, and cards.

And if your dad has a sweet tooth in particular, you may want to consider some Father’s Day gifts for dads with a sweet tooth. These are especially thoughtful Father’s Day gift ideas because they cater to what dad really wants and the fact that they can be personalized through engraving makes for an extra special gift for dad this Father’s Day.

Wrapping up

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