Navigating Gifting When Corporate Policies Limit Your Options


Worried about your client accepting gifts at work? We help you navigate gifting when corporate policies limit your options.

Just when you thought you had chosen the perfect gift for treasured clients, your colleague lets on to you that the recipient company may have a policy limiting them from accepting gifts above a certain dollar amount, or accepting gifts at all. Many companies have guidelines for corporate gift policy ethics to help minimize the appearance of conflicts of interest or special treatment by vendors, clients and customers. Some companies even require employees accepting gifts at work to report gifts over a certain dollar value as income.

Now what? How do you confirm their rules on accepting gifts from customers?

The short answer is to ask them ahead of time to avoid any uncomfortable situations.

As many gifts are given as a surprise, you can also scan the website to see if a company’s corporate gift policy ethics are available, or you can do a quick internet search. You may also consider the following tips prior to choosing a gift, which should keep you within many companies’ limitations:

  • Ensure the gift is for business use
  • The gift has your logo permanently engraved or printed on it
  • The gift is for a department, division or entire office
  • The gift is given during the holidays

When all else fails, consider gifting within the limits of most government agencies, which you can also find online here.

Now that you have a better idea of your business gifting limits, how can you possibly find something they love and one that still feels well thought out, with a limited budget? offers a wide range of corporate gift ideas that meet most policy limits, offering you multiple options that all deliver the surprise and delight to everyone on your gift list, whether over the holidays or as a token of appreciation, congratulations or a simple thank you all year long.

Some of our favorite business gifts for every budget and every occasion include:

Whatever you choose, know that Totally Chocolate gifts will arrive in delicious style and express your appreciation for your best work partners. Happy gifting!

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