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At Totally Chocolate, we consider ourselves experts at gift giving and we love helping clients create perfect business gifts. Successful gift giving in the business world is a task that requires nuance and thoughtfulness. And without careful consideration, there are plenty of ways it can go wrong.

That’s why we’ve come up with this Gift Giving Etiquette Guide taken from some of the lessons we’ve learned over the years.

Budget Your Business Gifts Ahead Of Time

Business gifts can be tricky items to plan for. It is a good idea to think ahead and include them in your yearly budget, otherwise spending could get out of control (and spending too much on business gifts doesn’t always reflect well on the gift giver). Overspending can seem tacky or be taken the wrong way. Furthermore, some businesses (like insurance agencies) have strict policies against receiving gifts, so it’s best to do your homework before the season starts. If you encounter someone who can’t or won’t accept gifts, then a thoughtful handwritten card is an excellent substitute.

Remember: Christmas Gifts Aren’t For Everyone

Even though it’s the most common time for gift giving, not everyone celebrates Christmas. If you are unsure about a person’s religious beliefs or practices, it’s best to err on the side of safety. In other words, a “Happy Holidays” or “Thanks for your hard work this year” note is a safe bet and won’t alienate anyone in the process.

Share The Love

It’s never a nice feeling being left out in the cold and word can spread quickly if you’ve given business gifts to some but not others. It’s a good idea to include all your clients (or staff) rather than just a certain few. Scale the gifts down if you have to, but make sure that people don’t feel excluded.

Beware The Re-Gift

Re-gifting, or passing along a gift given to you, is something that should be done with extreme caution! We’ve heard horror stories of people forgetting to remove the original card so the recipient knows for sure it wasn’t meant for them. If someone feels that they’ve been re-gifted a gift, it can feel insulting. It reads that you didn’t take the time or put in any effort, so why even bother? While people re-gift all the time, we think it’s a better idea to invest some meaningful time and energy into gift giving.

Personalize Your Gifts

When giving gifts, it’s best to put yourself in the recipient’s shoes. Far too often, gift givers consider what they would like to get instead of thinking about what would make the recipient happy. And there can be a big difference there!

If you are giving a business gift, it’s a good idea to do a little research to find out things like hobbies or personal pursuits so that you can customize the gift accordingly. You can always ask their office manager or secretary if there are things you should know or avoid. Pro tip: keep up-to-date notes with their contact info so you don’t forget!

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At Totally Chocolate, we think that giving gifts should be just as meaningful and rewarding as receiving them. By following this advice, you’ll likely be able to avoid some of the common pitfalls that can come with gift giving. If you are looking for a memorable and personal gift, consider one of the many unique options we offer at Totally Chocolate.

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