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Tips for Storing Your Chocolate Gifts After Delivery

One line of questioning we often encounter at Totally Chocolate is what to do with this unique gift? Of course, many people can’t resist diving in and eating it right away. There are others, however, that want to savor the gift, or show it off to friends and family. They then wonder how to store it and where to store so it lasts as long as possible.

If you fall into the latter category, this post is for you. We’re going to talk about some of the finer details of our products and what you can do to keep your special chocolate gift in great condition.

Let’s talk first about what goes into our products. Besides a lot of care and attention, we use premium Chocolate to create our customized products.

Chocolate Storage Shelf Life

Our pure premium chocolate has a shelf life of well over one year. While many people are tempted to store chocolate in the refrigerator or freezer, we instead recommend keeping the chocolate at room temperature (63-68*F).

Keep the chocolate away from direct sunlight, heating units and other appliances that give off heat. Also store the product somewhere away from strong odors like perfume or scented candles as the chocolate will absorb the scent.

Our chocolate items that come with cookies or other inclusions have a shelf life of three to six months when stored correctly. Follow the same instructions as above.

If you or someone has severe nut allergies, this is something you should be aware of. While our chocolate does not contain nuts and it is gluten-free, it is manufactured on equipment that also handles products containing nuts, eggs, wheat flour, dairy, and soy.

Many people want to cook or bake with the chocolate. One question we are often asked is: if I’m cooking with your bulk chocolate, do I have to temper it first?

All chocolate is tempered when it leaves our facility. If it is melted down for baking/cooking it will most likely break down the temper and will need to be tempered again.

Keeping bulk chocolate in a cupboard away from the sun (and out of reach) will ensure that your chocolate is ready to go when the baking bug strikes.

Really, you can do whatever you’d like with your chocolate. You can take photos of it and post them online, you can cook with it, bake with it, set it aside to admire the whole year through. All we really hope that you will do with your chocolate is enjoy it.

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