Chocolate Gifts For Delivery: Where & How Are Totally Chocolate Orders Shipped?

Chocolate Gifts for delivery

Won’t My Custom Chocolate Order Melt While In Transit?

We’re probably a little biased, but we think that customized chocolates might just be the greatest gift out there! They are special, unforgettable, and delicious. What more could you ask for?

When they order chocolate gifts for delivery, some people may wonder how our chocolates make it to their destination in perfect condition. Because really, what good is a customized chocolate if it’s melted on arrival?

At Totally Chocolate, we’ve been at this for a long time now. Not only have we perfected our chocolate engraving and customizing techniques, we’ve also perfected our process for delivery. We want our products to reach far and wide in the same beautiful condition they left our facility.

The Totally Chocolate Delivery Process

Here are some of the basics of our delivery process: 

* It is our policy to ship customized chocolate orders in as few as 10 business days from the day our customer signs off on the art. It is less time if a customer is ordering something in stock or is reordering something they loved the first time around.

* Arrival times are based on when the order leaves our facility and the method of service chosen. We also pay attention to whether or not a shipment will be sitting in a hot warehouse over a weekend and adjust our shipment schedule accordingly.

* We use UPS or a similar recognized courier, and offer our customers the following options:

  • UPS Ground
  • UPS 3Day
  • UPS 2Day
  • UPS 1Day

* Our facility is located in Blaine, Washington, and we ship to most locations in the U.S and Canada. If you’d like to ship internationally, let’s talk!

* Drop Shipping: We can ship directly to the recipient or to multiple recipients, and take care of all the hassle for you. Instead of receiving the order yourself and shipping it from there, we cover the whole process for you from start to finish. Our dropship department can manage your recipient address list. It really is our goal to make it as seamless and easy for you as possible.

* We deliver to warm climates all the time. To ensure your customized chocolate arrives in the condition it left our facility, we may add frozen gel packs at no additional cost. We also monitor the progress of the package to make sure it’s not held up.

* We ship to both homes and businesses, but we recommend there is someone to receive the package. For commercial shipments, the consignee or their representative is required to sign. UPS will not leave packages unsigned at a commercial address.

It is our aim to make sure the product you’ve decided upon reaches the lucky recipient in perfect condition. For something like chocolate, our delivery methods are almost as important as the care we put into creating the chocolate in the first place.

We are also happy to discuss any special requests you might have. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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