How to Give and Spread Cheer During COVID-19

Elderly woman shoes how chocolate can Give and Spread Cheer During COVID-19 with chocolate

As the global pandemic goes on and on, the suffering is taking its toll on many people and communities. In this time of confusion and uncertainty, one of the best things a person can do is doing something good for someone else.

At Totally Chocolate, we’ve always believed in the power of giving. There is something very real and positive that happens when a person receives a personalized gift — it lets them know that they are seen and loved.

Gift giving has a beneficial and psychological effect, too. Taking the time and energy to set someone else’s happiness as a priority is a great way to ease one’s own personal suffering.

Stronger Connections

During quarantine, many people are isolated and alone, made worse by the fear of what is happening around the world. To look on the bright side of things, the situation has also spurred people to connect in new ways, to check in on each other, to get to know your neighbors, and to realize how important community, friends and family truly are.

At Totally Chocolate, we encourage connection. And could there be a better way to forge a connection and let someone know you are thinking of them than with a custom chocolate delivered right to their door?

Creating a custom chocolate is simple and easy, and you can choose from a range of products and flavors. You can have fun, get creative, do something extra special — and then have your creation delivered anywhere in the country. What could be better after weeks and months of quarantine than receiving a delicious custom premium chocolate from your best friend or favorite family member in the mail?

Why Totally Chocolate?

You might wonder how a Totally Chocolate is different than other chocolates you can find on the shelf.

For starters, you can’t find these on the shelf! We make them to order so they are always fresh and delicious. In addition to the high quality pure premium chocolate we have been using for decades, our custom engraving techniques are second to none.

The amount of detail we are able to engrave into chocolate, from tiny font to high def photo realism, is truly spectacular. Have an idea that you’re not sure is going to work? Try us! Some of our favorite custom engraving jobs are totally outside the box.

Here are some ideas you can borrow to engrave on chocolate in order to connect with a friend or family member to let them know you are thinking of them.

  • Reminisce about simpler times with a photo from the past
  • Create a hand written note
  • Choose a shape that captures someone’s passion or interests

We take these ideas and engrave them directly onto the chocolate.

You don’t have to stop there — you can also design the packaging, too. That way when your friend in quarantine receives your Totally Chocolate custom engraved gift, they will have a keepsake. Because we know that the chocolate isn’t going to last long!

We make it very easy with our online system, and our chocolate specialists are waiting to help with anything a little more complicated. Our state-of-the-art technology enables us to create products with incredible precision.

Sharing is Caring

We have been so fortunate to witness the resilience of people as so many step up to the front lines of this health crisis. There are those that are putting their own health and well-being on the line in order to take care of the community at large. In a world where individualism is often heralded as the road to success, it takes something like a global pandemic to remind us how much we really need each other. That we are all in this together.

That’s why at Totally Chocolate, we have been doing something small to share our thanks and hopefully help uplift spirits of those working so hard to keep us all safe and healthy

Here are a few examples of some donations we have been sending:

  • “Thank You” cookies to airlift crews in Washington State
  • Custom cookies to PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center in Longview, Washington
  • Custom chocolate bars to Northwell Health in New York City

We have seen some very creative ways around the world of acknowledging the sacrifice people are making on the front lines — everyone from doctors and nurses to grocery store workers and shelf stockers to those keeping our essential services running.

There is the annual salute of banging pots and making noise at 7 pm that started in Italy, to people putting up signs of rainbows and hearts in windows, on sidewalks and in trees. Anything for a smile and to spread some happiness!

Join in the Giving

In order to spread the gratitude and thanks, we want our customers and clients to be have the opportunity to share in the benefits of giving, especially to those on the front lines, and those who are sick and suffering from COVID-19.

That is why we are offering the opportunity to send free custom chocolate to the local hospitals with best wishes on the chocolate to the doctors and patients. Please inquire for more details.

More inspiration

This is a strange and complicated time we are living through and it’s important to remember to be kind and stay safe. And to give to others when we can. In case you need some extra inspiration, take it from some of the world’s most famous thinkers and doers.

“The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others.” —Mahatma Gandhi

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” —Anne Frank

“It is every man’s obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it.” ―Albert Einstein

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