Hottest Corporate Gifts for $75 or Under


It’s now that time of year when most companies start planning for the holidays. More specifically, preparing for corporate gifting.

Finding the perfect gift does not have to be a hassle or overly expensive. In fact, you can find custom holiday gifts for $75 or under! At Totally Chocolate, creative corporate gift ideas abound!

For many companies, holiday gifting is a long-standing tradition. So, that begs the question: Who is on your corporate holiday gift list this season?


Best Gifts for Executives

Gifting is a way to show gratitude and appreciation. In addition, it is a pathway toward business and relationship development.

Surely, making a lasting impression is important. Equally essential, you want to ensure you bestow gifts that are inclusive.

Namely, no more worrying about the size of apparel to purchase, or which color your recipients will (or will not) wear. For example, I do NOT wear orange. Ever. Besides, the Great Pumpkin concept is already a thing.

Perhaps you are aiming for exclusive gifts for C-Suite partners. More specifically, you may be looking for unique and extravagant corporate gifts.

Our Grand 2-Piece Gift Tower is a strikingly beautiful gift idea for a company vice president. (The tower is our version of the personalized gift basket.) This fully custom business gift will certainly make a lasting impression.

The uppermost tier contains 6 European style sugar cookies topped with delectable, creamy premium chocolate. Cookie topping choices include milk chocolate, dark chocolate, cookies and cream, white chocolate with peppermint, and cake and sprinkles.

Nestled inside the bottom tier is a decadent 1 pound bar in rich milk or dark premium chocolate. Customize the bar (and milk or dark cookies) with your logo, an inspiring holiday design or sweet message.

Each package is classily wrapped in golden foil and topped with a cream ribbon. Conversely, you can choose your own package design!

(This sensational tower is also an excellent choice as a client gift basket!)

Kosher Business Gifts

Shop at Totally Chocolate for sumptuous chocolate gifts that will please everyone.

Our tantalizing, melt-in-your mouth chocolate bars are certified Kosher. This means, anyone who adheres to Kosher practices will most certainly be thrilled to consume these sweet delicacies.

With that in mind, you will be sure to WOW executives, clients, and employees alike with an impressive 2 pound premium chocolate bar.

This lavish bar is artfully engraved with delicate snowflakes. Likewise, the sleeve circling the chic silver box is adorned with stylish glistening snowflakes on a wintery blue background.

Giving Kosher chocolate lets your recipients with dietary restrictions know you truly put careful thought into their holiday gifts.


Employee Chocolate Gifts

Gifting to employees can help them feel valued and appreciated. Let’s face it, they are working hard to help your business thrive and grow.

In return, you can show them your gratitude with festive (and deliciously consumable) gifts. Finding unique chocolate gifts that create delicious memories is easy!

Capture their attention (and anticipation) when you present them with a Bestsellers and Cookies Tasting Box 2-Piece Tower.

This flavorful odyssey is brimming with sweet and savory delicacies! The top tier of this gourmet tower features 12 European-style sugar cookies covered in pure, divine premium chocolate.

The bottom tier features a selection of our most delicious snacks! These include a 5 oz. bag of chocolate drizzled popcorn and 5 individually-wrapped hand-batched toffee covered pretzels. Also, there are and 6 individually-wrapped peppermint bark sugar cookies.

Both tiers are presented in a luxurious black gift box accented in a contemporary Merry Everything theme. Your employees will appreciate the variety and the design. Additionally, they will most likely share this chocolate gift with friends and loved ones alike!

As can be seen, finding the perfect corporate gifts for $75 and under is easy. Here at Totally Chocolate, we provide you with luxury, tasteful and memorable treats. Surely, these gifts will delight executives, clients, and employees alike!

Budget tight this year? Try our corporate holiday gift options under $50 and corporate gifts under $25!

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