The time is now to WOW. We have last minute gift ideas to please!


The time is now to WOW.

We have last minute gift ideas to please her, him, your friends and colleagues, even your mother-in-law!

The pages on the calendar are quickly turning and it’s now officially “go time” for your holiday gift decision-making. The pressure to give good gifts can be daunting, especially when time is an issue. What will make the biggest impression with the least amount of stress? How do you please the seemingly un-pleasable? How do you show your best clients that you truly thought of them when choosing their gift? And how do you do it all before it’s too late?

The Totally Chocolate team of chocolatiers, designers, foodies and enthusiastic gift recipients has spent all year creating big impact gift options for those who aren’t big on time. Yes, we take all year to make sure you can make an impression in just minutes. Our carefully curated gifts offer the finest customizable Belgian Chocolate, along with hand drawn, stunning packaging from the inside out. Your gift won’t just be delicious, it will be drop-dead gorgeous too.

Some of our favorite items are listed below, so you can literally just click and get right back to the eggnog!

Fully custom corporate logo chocolate barsGift for Colleagues –

Who doesn’t love a personalized treat that can be oohed and aahed over just prior to devouring it? Our Indulgent Bars are 2 pounds of pure Belgian Chocolate, delivered with any message or logo you choose to really show you thought this gift through. Adorned in your choice of hand-drawn deco, in a box that will delight, your clients will be stunned from start to finish.

Customize Chocolate Bars

Gifts for FriendsChocolate Gift Basket Tower

Chances are good you have spent many meals together, so why not send a foodie-friendly dessert gift that can also be customized? Our 2-piece gift tower offers two best-selling items that can be made their own with simple touches. Need some assistance crafting your masterpiece? Our designers are always ready to help and can be accessed by chat or phone on 1-800-255-5506.


Shop Custom Chocolate Gift Towers

Gifts for Him

Fully custom box of chocolates with logo


Who says men like chocolate any less than women? Create the ultimate in personalized presents with our 10-piece chocolate gift ensemble.  Sports teams, hobbies, shared interests and more can be engraved in our decadent chocolate bites to be enjoyed

through the holidays and beyond.

Create personalized chocolate

Gifts for the hard-to-please mother-in-law

What to get the one who gave life to your significant other? The one who has everything she needs, other than her baby back with her? How about our best selling, MAJOR impact Ready to Gift tower? It includes every tasty best seller in one gorgeous tower that will have your MIL feeling sweet as can be when she arrives at your home for the holidays!

For more options and ideas, head to and let us help you select the perfect gifts now!

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