Benefits of Buying Early and Locking in Price!


Whether you are the CFO or just the designated individual who has been handed the company Yuletide purchasing reins, you are probably already preparing for the holidays.

The goal of any company is to express gratitude to employees and clients who have been a part of the company’s growth. In addition, another goal is to ensure the gifting program remains within the budget boundaries. This means you are looking at creating a smart cash flow. By the same token, you are wanting to optimize your holiday spending.

Buyers want the most for their budget. This is why buying early and locking in the price is advantageous. As a matter of fact, not only can you lock in the price of your holiday gifts, you can also reserve the shipping date.

Shopping early is cost effective. Likewise, early preparation and purchasing eases stress. Not to mention, early preparedness means more professional results. In fact, you can go a step further and streamline your gifting process…let us take care of your shipping!

Business gifting is a long-established practice. Furthermore, it is a means of staying connected with your customers and clients. Moreover, there is another key point for those truly toeing the financial line: it costs more to acquire new customers than to retain them. This means that customer satisfaction is KEY to a business.

For this reason, it is important to make sure your clients feel appreciated. In other words, show them you care with holiday chocolate business gifts!

Custom Chocolate Gifts

Some of the most satisfying and memorable gifts are gourmet chocolates. This is true whether you are purchasing gifts for small business owners or giving employee chocolate gifts.

In fact, luxurious gourmet chocolates are also quite popular as business gifts for clients.

You certainly do not want to shower your recipients with items that will be shoved on a back shelf to collect dust. Gifts will little-to-no thought will also make them feel unappreciated. Plus, we all know that chocolate is NOT a bauble that will be admired from afar!

The most memorable gifts are those that elicit positive emotions. Most noteworthy, elegant, professionally engraved personalized chocolate bars truly show how much you care!

Wholesale Chocolate Gifts

If you prefer to choose the bulk chocolate path, we have you covered! We specialize in wholesale custom chocolate gifts.

Buying chocolate wholesale saves you money. We do offer discounts on larger orders. So, if your budget is feeling a little pinched, check out our bulk chocolates and prices.

Corporate Chocolate

Custom logo chocolates are all the rage! For example, business promo items (in the shape of sweet, smooth Belgian chocolate) are a tasty means of staying in the forefront of your customers’ minds.

Your corporate logo can be artfully and precisely engraved in luscious premium chocolate. This is like an edible business card. What is more, additional senses are activated – the scent of delicate premium chocolate and the sweet taste upon the tongue.

In like manner, you can create a corporate logo gift basket (or in this case, a tower). Show off your own creative design with customized chocolate boxes.

Each luxe box can be custom designed. You can choose a festive holiday design. Alternatively, you can decide to go with a chic option – a solid box with specialized sleeve to accent the simple but classy package.

The package design alone should create Ooohs and Ahhhhs before it is even opened!


High End Client Gifts

VIPs, corporate partners, and those individuals inhabiting the C-Suites should not be forgotten. In fact, VIP gifts solidify relationships.

When you give an irresistible executive gift, you are fostering a positive affiliation. That, in turn, will endear them to your business and possibly transform them into ambassadors for your business.

People want to do business with those who provide thoughtful gifts. Notably, corporate gifting helps your company stand out as attentive and grateful.

Last but not least, include personalized cards with your gifts. Notes with a personal message go a step further in cementing the business relationship. Additionally, it shows you’ve gone the extra mile to connect with your recipients.

When you’ve connected on an emotional level, you are most likely to retain your loyal clients and customers.

To summarize:  streamline your corporate holiday gifting. Avoid the shopping mall shenanigans and let us help provide you with professional results.

You get to experience less stress this holiday season. Equally important, your recipients will feel appreciated (and sweetly satisfied).

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