Going Above and Beyond for Your Holiday Guests

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“Hospitality means primarily the creation of free space where the stranger can enter and become a friend…” ~ Henri J.M. Nouwen

Today, hotels and resorts are striving to go above and beyond to ensure their guests experience a most memorable stay.

A first impression is the most important impression. And an amazing first impression guarantees a return booking and word of mouth references. Additionally, it could also mean a high-ranking review on social media.

The best way to draw in (and keep) customers is through phenomenal customer service. Guests want to know that their needs and wants are being thoughtfully considered. However, a best practice is to go beyond what they are expecting.

A Warm Welcome

A personal welcome goes a long way toward making your guests feel at home.

Your guests will appreciate a hand-written welcome note. It only takes a few moments to write. Not to mention, this simple gesture goes a long way toward making your guests feel appreciated.

Flatter your guests by showing them you are happy they are there!

Listen For Their Needs

It is imperative to listen to your guests’ needs. This builds a positive relationship. Moreover, listening and understanding their needs creates an atmosphere of trust. They can freely relax in their “home away from home.”

However, this is a 2-way street. Listening (and communicating) creates a path for positive feedback. And that means you, as a host, get to be more creative in pleasing guests. Especially for

those who will most likely book another stay with you.

Provide Delectable Branded Snacks

A delicious treat upon arrival is always welcomed.

At the same time, you want to be sure the tasty snack is far above the ordinary. It should be of the highest quality as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Chocolates are a trusted staple. Still, you do not want to gift just any chocolate.

Chocolate gifts come in many styles and sizes.

Perhaps you are in the market for pillow drops.

Enjoy your stay pillow drops

Our Mini Custom 4×4 Shape makes a perfect pillow drop! You can create a shape that has your logo engraved in chocolate. Or, perhaps your city has a well-known landmark or industry that you’d like to highlight.

No matter the design, we can create the perfect shape or message that is visually stunning AND scrumptious!

Do you offer a snack basket or fresh fruit basket in your guest rooms? The addition of a gourmet trio of chocolates enveloped in a custom printed folder is an irresistible surprise!

Three custom engraved foiled pieces of creamy, decadent chocolate are enveloped in a brochure-style package. Which, of course, can be custom designed to fit YOUR needs.

Does your establishment have a special and unique history? Use this enticing chocolate promo item to tell your story (while inspiring your guests’ taste buds!). Custom imprinted promotional products don’t have to look or feel “too commercial.” Use your imagination to create a stunning treat!

Holiday Business Guest Chocolates

It is inevitable. Sometimes people just NEED to do their business travel around the holidays. And, most likely, they are traveling without their families.

One sure way to brighten business travelers’ spirits during the holiday season is to offer business Christmas gifts. Let your guests experience a sweet, tasty experience. Pamper them with a luxury gift basket (or go beyond with a spectacular luscious tower!).

Executive gift baskets and business food gifts don’t have to be the standard, dry vacuum-packed meat/cheese/cracker staple. No, you can go above and beyond!

This chic, classy tower contains a decadent large premium chocolate bar (2 pounds worth!) in the bottom box. Additionally, twelve deluxe European style cookies (crowned in creamy premium chocolate) are nestled in the top box.

What a delightful way to say, “Welcome!”

Perhaps you are hosting families traveling for the holidays. If you truly want to go all out with the holiday gifting, consider this amazing Peppermint Snowflake Holiday Gift Tin.  We aren’t sure if you go as far as offering Elf Tuck-In Services like Sunriver Resort in Oregon does. But…if you DO create Elf-tastic experiences for families traveling with children, our fully custom cookies are just for you!

Our 1-Piece Cookie Box is perfect as a giveaway treat. The luxurious premium chocolate can be custom engraved with any image or phrase. Perhaps your hotel has a special holiday quote or message. We can create that for you!

In fact, you can also custom-design the package in a holiday theme. Perfect for bringing smiles to children (and adults alike!).

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Bed and Breakfast Afternoon Tea Treats

Afternoon tea is no longer considered as just a “women’s social.” On the contrary, afternoon tea is generally a light meal in the afternoon and is enjoyed by men and women alike.

Because it is a light meal, it mainly consists of serving-sized finger sandwiches, biscuits, and sweets. Furthermore, beverages aren’t only restricted to hot tea. While a variety of teas can be offered, cold and refreshing drinks can also be served.

Savory finger sandwiches are served as the main course. They are accompanied by light fluffy biscuits or scones with assortments of sweet jams and cream. Generally, these are served on tiered displays (although tiers are not necessary).

Historically, the top tier was reserved for the warm scones, which would be covered with a warming dome. The second tier would be the delicate finger sandwiches, and the bottom tier would contain delightful sweets and candies.

However, some traditions have the sweets at the top of the tier. This would be the pièces de résistance.

If you offer afternoon tea (or high tea, which is later in the evening and a heartier meal), be sure to choose the best and most luxurious of sweets! Bite sized cakes, candies and chocolates are very popular.

Fully custom Bite-Sized Foil-Wrapped Squares are a delightful addition to your afternoon tea! The irresistible succulent Belgian chocolate bites can be customized with a special short message. Additionally, you can have them engraved with your hotel or bed and breakfast logo.

Whether you are looking for holiday delicacies, custom logo chocolates, business promo gifts, tea-time confections or personalize chocolate squares we are here to help you go above and beyond in welcoming your guests.

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