3 Unique Ways To Design Your Own Candy Or Custom Chocolate

custom cookies and chocolates

There’s something special about having chocolate and treats that are specially designed. As a kid, I remember being amazed and excited when my dad would make “Mickey Mouse” pancakes. Of course, all he would do was simply attach three circle pancakes together to resemble the beloved cartoon character.

Over time, things have got a little more sophisticated. There are some wonderful options to design your own candy or chocolate snacks. We have come across some brilliant ways to customize candy creations that we thought we’d share.

Here Are Three Ways To Design Your Own Candy Or Custom Chocolate Gift

Lego Brick Gummies

Who doesn’t love Lego? There have been more than 600 billion Lego pieces sold since the company first started manufacturing the plastic pieces in the 1940s. Now, imagine if the Lego was edible! It’s a dream come true for kids and adults alike.

We came across this excellent idea for creating Lego Brick gummies. This in-depth tutorial is for true DIY, crafting types. You first build the mold, then make the candy recipe, then put them together to make a fun and delicious snack.

This really is a fun project. Not only can you customize the size of bricks, you can adjust the recipe to your tastes as well. The only downside about this is that you will no longer be able to say, “don’t play with your food!”

Get Recipe Here

Caramel Chews

There is something classic about simple and delicious caramel chews. The flavour has been around for many decades and it never seems to get old.

This recipe is simple and versatile. With only six ingredients, you will be able to create this classic treat. You can make individual chews, use it to dip apples into or come up with your own special idea.

 In three easy steps, you are sure to have a crowd-pleaser on your hands.

Get Recipe Here

Customized Chocolates

Totally Chocolate has been designing customized chocolates for more than 25 years. In that time, the company has evolved their products and perfected their skills. Offering a wide array of chocolate bars, cookies, truffles and assorted chocolates, Totally Chocolate has something for everyone.

You can precision engrave a photo, logo or design onto a chocolate or come up with a unique shape that is meaningful to your company or product. Whatever it is, Totally Chocolate will help bring your ideas to life. Whether it is a special treat like a special event gift, congratulatory or milestone gift, they can do it all. And they can take on any challenging ideas you might have.

Ordering customized chocolates is a fun and special way to create something memorable. Check out the options at The Totally Chocolate Custom Products Store.

Customized candy and chocolates are sure to please. It’s a special feeling to receive something meaningful that another person has helped create. Especially when you can eat it, too!

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