What is the Best Chocolate to Give as a Gift?

you can give chocolate gifts for many gift purposes

you can give chocolate gifts for many gift purposes

For any occasion or celebration, chocolate is the best gift out there. With so many interesting and fun flavors, a type of chocolate exists for every type of person.

So what is the best chocolate to give as a gift? It depends on the person and the occasion. Some gift-giving follows more formal protocols as in a business gift set, while other gifts are an unexpected surprise. At some events — like birthdays or celebrations — you are expected to bring a gift, and then there are times you feel like just doing something nice for someone for no good reason at all. In every situation, a chocolate gift is a great option.

Since the scenarios wherein you can give chocolate as a gift are endless, we have come up with a helpful guide to assist you in your chocolate gift-giving ventures.

5 Top Ideas For Giving Chocolate As a Gift

1. For Business Gifts

Business gift-giving can be a bit of a minefield — it’s easy to get it wrong. On the other hand, you can easily impress clients and customers with chocolate, especially if you put a little extra thought and effort into it.

2. Custom Chocolates

Consider having your custom logo or branding perfectly engraved directly onto the chocolate bar. And you can customize the packaging, too! Custom chocolate as a business gift is perfect because you can really impress someone with high-quality chocolate while sending a special message that says thank you for your business. Think of it as a relationship-building exercise.

3. Custom Gift Baskets

Gift baskets don’t always enjoy a stellar reputation, but not all gift baskets are created equally. We offer custom gift baskets full of incredible products like customized chocolate bars, a premium milk and dark chocolate assortment, cookies, chocolate covered nuts, and malt balls are just a few of the items we put into this high quality and impressive assortment.

4. Personalized Two Pound Bars

They’re made with either premium milk or dark chocolate, and you can order and create stunning bars with customized designs. At Totally Chocolate, we can accommodate almost any kind of artwork and engrave it onto a large chocolate bar with incredible precision and detail. This makes for a truly unforgettable gift for any of your business associates.

As you can see, we are a big fan of custom chocolates for business gifts — it’s a great way to promote your business while doing something genuinely nice.

5. For Celebrations

Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, shower or other kind of celebration, chocolate always hits the mark. Chocolate is also a good addition to any kind of gift — a nice chocolate bar or box of delicious chocolates is something that can be enjoyed right away and shared with others.

Here are three great chocolate-based gift options for celebrations.

3 Great Chocolate-based Gift Options For Celebrations

1. Chocolate-Making Class

Sure it’s great to load a person up with chocolate, but teach them to make their own chocolate and they will be set for a lifetime. A chocolate-making class is a perfect gift for someone who “has it all” — it takes a lot of skill to make chocolate correctly. And then they can take all they have learned and have those skills forever.

2. Classic Chocolate Treat

Chocolate pairings add a nice spin to the classic chocolate treat. Chocolate and tea, chocolate and fruit, chocolate and wine, chocolate and… you can take it from here! Let’s face it; basically, everything pairs well with chocolate, so add some of your recipient’s personality to the gift.

3. Chocolate Subscriptions

It seems like you can get subscription boxes for anything these days, and we think it’s a great idea! It’s so nice to get something in the mail month after month — to have something to look forward to. You get to try something new and it’s a nice reminder of the person who set you up with the gift that keeps on giving. You can reach out every month to say thank you, building a strong bond.

For… Just Because

Sometimes the urge to do something nice for someone you love strikes.  You just want to see them smile or let them know that they are loved and appreciated.

Chocolate is the perfect way to say “just because you’re you.” Here are some chocolate gift ideas that capture that notion.

Chocolate Bar (A good one, though)

Splurging on a high-quality decadent chocolate bar is the perfect way to show someone you appreciate them. If you agree, go the extra mile and buy something that the recipient wouldn’t normally get for themselves — that is the key to a good gift!

Box of Chocolates

Receiving a box of chocolates outside of the holidays is a surprising treat, making it a great gift. We all get way too many boxes of chocolates during the holidays — but what about the rest of the year?

Some high-end chocolatiers put together selections of their most interesting and delicious individual chocolates into a box. We call that “quality over quantity.” If you are thinking of bringing a box of chocolates as a surprise to someone you care about, seek out a local chocolatier with both an amazing selection and beautiful packaging.

Whatever the occasion, chocolate is a great gift to give (and receive!). We suggest high-quality chocolate created with delicious, well-sourced ingredients.

If you’re going to give a gift, adding a little extra will go a long way. Consider customizing the chocolate or pairing it with something the recipient knows is just for them. If you are looking for chocolate gifts, please contact us for more information.

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