What are good teacher appreciation gifts?

teacher appreciation gifts

Teachers are incredible people who not only instruct our children but also mold their character and motivate them to be the best version of themselves.

So, when the holidays roll around or when Teacher Appreciation Week nears, you’re likely asking yourself: what to gift a teacher?

If you’re struggling with gift ideas, don’t worry, because in this post, we’ve got you covered. 

From the reasons behind gifting teachers to how much to spend and eight amazing gift ideas, your worries just melted away. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Why gift teachers?

There is a great impact of showing gratitude. It’s not only about feeling good for doing something nice for someone else.

Giving a teacher a gift can motivate them to keep going when the job gets hard and it can show that you really value and appreciate their efforts in terms of educating your child.

This appreciation goes a long way to keeping your child’s teacher engaged and feeling valued, and this is an important way to foster positive bonds between your child’s teacher and your child.

These are just some of the reasons why giving a teacher gift is so important.

How much to spend on a gift for a teacher

And now, as promised, we reach the answer to the question of how much to spend on a teacher appreciation gift. As you can guess, the answer will vary, depending on which stage of the educational journey your child is in.

For example, younger children tend to have one teacher that they have most of their lessons with. As such, these teachers spend much more time with your child than middle or high school teachers. This is why gifting these teachers gifts in the region of $50 to $100 is a good idea.

However, if you feel that this is too much, a good idea is to pool your resources together with other families and put together a joint gift to show your appreciation. When it comes to middle or high school teachers, there are more of them to buy for.

For this reason, the value of your gift can range from $5 to $25 per teacher. And once again, pooled gifts can make a big difference in getting something special for your child’s teachers.

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What makes a good teacher gift?

Now that we’ve covered the costs, you may be wondering what are good teacher appreciation gifts? Before we get into the nitty-gritty details, let’s focus on a few considerations that you should be aware of before you go shopping.

Firstly, avoid giving teachers cash. This can be construed to mean that you are trying to buy the teacher’s favor or that your child is a teacher’s pet. Neither of these scenarios is good and also, schools often have policies about not allowing cash gifts to be accepted by teachers. So be wary of cash.

Secondly, make sure that your gifts are heartfelt and honest and truly express your appreciation for the teacher in question.

And finally, whatever gift you buy your chosen teacher, make sure that it is personalized as far as possible.

And now, we dive straight into the different types of gifts by focusing on the most loved teacher gifts out there.

Gift #1: Personalized stationery

Personalized stationery is a thoughtful choice of teacher appreciation gifts because it’s something they use on a daily basis that is a consumable item which runs out. Pens, paper, notepads, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, and more are just a few of the gift ideas you might consider offering your child’s teacher because it’s something that they actually need.

Gift #2: Classroom supplies

The practically behind the gift of classroom supplies is undeniable. Whiteboard markers, laminating sheets, tissues, cardboard paper, scissors, etc. are just a few of the gifts you can give your child’s teacher. Remember that a gift for a teacher should be of a practical nature that can be used over time and one that they actually need.

Gift #3: Gift cards

Another great idea is giving gift cards to your chosen teacher because these offer flexibility and choice. Whether it’s to Starbucks, Target, Amazon, or anywhere else, you can try to figure out where your child’s teacher shops or what they enjoy and give them the means to buy something for themselves that they find meaningful.

Gift #4: Personalized chocolate

A sweet and custom touch to give your child’s teacher is thank you chocolate. No, we are not talking about generic chocolate that you get off the shelf in practically any store.

We are talking about personalized chocolate that is engraved with your special message to your teacher. This is an exceptional way to make your teacher appreciation gift stand out and is an excellent way to give a memorable present that will never be forgotten while thoroughly enjoyed.

Gift #5: Books for personal or classroom use

Many teachers love reading and you can enrich their collection with books for personal or classroom use. There are children’s books, there are English literature classics, there are modern classics, and of course, there is a combination of these. Whatever you choose, make sure that you know the teacher’s choices, preferences, and needs well enough.

Gift #6: Plant or flower pot

You can also gift the teacher with a plant or flower pot to add a touch of nature to their space. Often, having something green around you makes the space calmer and adds a touch of beauty. That’s why this gift is particularly popular.

Gift #7: Handwritten note or artwork

Looking to make a personal and heartfelt gesture? Then a handwritten “thank you” note or artwork are great ways to make a memorable impression with your gift. Make sure you know the teacher’s preferences when it comes to the artwork, and also be sure not to go overboard in terms of how much you spend. Remember that the higher-value gifts could result in unstated expectations for special treatment. Something no child, parent, or teacher wants.

Gift #8: Relaxation essentials

Finally, you can always go for relaxation essential to encourage teachers to unwind. Whether it’s scented candles, air aromatizers, cosmetics kits, massage oils, or anything in between, we all know how stressful a teacher’s job can be.


And there you have it: the do’s and don’ts of teacher appreciation gifts and several wonderful ideas to consider as you start shopping around for the perfect gift. Of course, we recommend that you make your teacher’s gift as thoughtful and personalized as possible.

That’s because it will have greater value and be more memorable than generic gifts. Naturally, we recommend our chocolate gifting options, which come with premium chocolate available in white, milk, and dark chocolate that suits every taste bud perfectly.

You can also have your chocolate engraved with your special message and beautifully packaged so that you make a positive lasting impression. What are you waiting for? Why not explore our wide selection of chocolates?

And for any help or assistance, our amazing and friendly team is right here to help you!

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