Gift-Giving in Real Estate: Choosing a Closing Gift

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Buying a property is a dream come true for most people. And it’s one of the biggest financial investments they make. As a real estate agent, you’re there to guide them through the paperwork and all the other technical and emotional aspects of property ownership.

But the deal has gone through. You’ve secured the property for them. The paperwork is done. Is that the end of your relationship with your buyer? We think not. There are very good reasons why real estate pros should buy closing gifts.

And that’s exactly what we cover in this article. But there’s more. We also offer gift ideas that are going to wow your clients. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

Why should real estate pros buy closing gifts?

There are a million good reasons to give client appreciation gifts and the real estate industry is no different. So, why should real estate pros buy closing gifts? Here are a few reasons to consider.

Firstly, getting them a gift shows that you don’t just care about the closing of the deal. You care about them. You want to wish them well as they embark on a journey in their new home.

Secondly, you make a favorable impression. This is very likely to give you recurring business down the line. When you give your clients extra value and an unexpected gift, you show that you’re willing to go the extra mile for them. That’s a big deal.

How much should you spend on a closing gift?

Now that we’ve covered some of the good reasons to give your clients a closing gift, it’s time to think about how much you should spend. On average and based on many realtors’ contributions, it is believed that a gift that’s valued at between 1% and 5% of your commission is a good idea.

That means anywhere from $100 up to $500. Of course, every commission amount is different. But spending on a gift that’s not too high to cause discomfort and not too low to signal cheapness is the way to go.

Unique real estate closing gift ideas

And now, as promised, we share some of the best closing gift ideas that you could consider for your next deal. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Branded gifts

There’s a lot to be said for branded gifts. They leave a lasting impression and they make your brand stand out. But what kind of branded gift should you give? Our recommendation is something that represents your brand. It could be an item that has your agency’s logo on it like a backpack or a picnic set. And what will set you apart is to add some specialty chocolates such as a 1 lb or 2 lb chocolate bar that’s specially engraved with your unique message to your client. 

2. A box of good chocolates

If you want to make sure you are giving a gift that is universally loved, you’ll want to get your client a box of good chocolates. But not any will do. You need to think of the taste, packaging, personalization, and your unique message. That’s where we at Totally Chocolate can help by placing your logo on chocolate.

And with customized packaging and our premium chocolate’s unique and delectable taste, you’re certain to delight.

3. Something that will generate referrals

To make sure your special closing gift goes a long way, even so far as to generate referrals, it has to be extremely memorable. Nothing can achieve this goal better than chocolate.

With a variety of dark, white, and milk chocolate flavors, our premium chocolate can be personalized any way you like and send a special message to your client that leaves a lasting and memorable impression. 

4. Treat them to a dinner at a restaurant

The fourth gift idea is not really a gift but rather a shared experience. You can always take your client to dinner at a restaurant to celebrate their major milestone. However, you have to be careful about dietary requirements and suss out your client’s dietary preferences beforehand so that you do not offend them.

5. Good wine

Another great idea is a good old bottle of wine. This, of course, depends on you knowing your clients quite well. You’ll first need to know whether they do enjoy a glass every once in a while and then determine whether they like red, white, or Rose.

6. Home decor

Number six on our list is home decor items. These can be throw cushions for the couch, a charcuterie board, a welcome mat for the front door, or even something for their garden. 

7. Pet-related gifts

If your clients have pets or they want to get one, you can always treat the furry members of their family with a special toy or accessory. 

8. A gift card to a local nursery

For those with green fingers, a gift card to the local nursery will be a great choice because they can choose how to adorn their garden by giving them options to choose for themselves.

9. Consultation with an interior designer

If your clients are people who enjoy a certain type of decor or they have shared with you that they’d like some assistance with their interior decor, organizing a consultation with an interior designer for them will make for a lovely and useful treat.

10. Art piece

And lastly, our list ends with carefully selecting a special piece of art to go with their style and preferences. This could mean a small statuette, a wall painting, a wooden mask, or anything that really “speaks” to who they are.

Closing remarks

Buying a closing gift in real estate deals is becoming more frequent as estate agent pros seek new and innovative ways to make a memorable impression on their clients. This is important for building long-term relationships and giving your brand more visibility in the marketplace. 

Ultimately, both these aspects are crucial for driving even more sales in the future. However, choosing the right or most suitable gift may seem like a daunting task. 

But with Totally Chocolate at your side, you’re fully covered. With a universally loved gift that caters to every taste bud and with a wide range of chocolate options, you no longer need to stress about your next gift.

All you have to do is browse through our selection and choose something delectable that you can personalize. Nothing says “thoughtful gift” than premium quality chocolate. So, don’t hesitate and choose your ideal gift today!

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