The Benefits of Using Your Own Branding on Gifts


“Authentic brands don’t emerge from marketing cubicles or advertising agencies. They emanate from everything the company does… -Howard Schultz

In this social media-driven world today where people are bombarded daily with advertising and new products, one concept stands out: a brand will often outlive a product. Whether you are a small startup or a large corporation, your goal is the same – keeping your brand relevant and retaining client engagement.

Consumers, customers and clients want to know that they matter, so why not WOW them with gifts of custom chocolate printed with your own branding or logo?

Why Your Company Should be Using Custom Branded Chocolate

The following are five reasons your company may want to choose custom branded chocolate gifts:


Customers and clients like to know that they are important. Engagement with clients keeps communication channels open, as well as nurtures the business/client relationship. Positive interactions strengthen this affiliation, and what better way to endear your clients to your company and share your appreciation than to surprise them with a custom branded chocolate bar? Every delicious morsel of your chocolate logo will remind them of you; talk about a lasting impression, especially when the bar is beautifully and precisely engraved with your brand!


How many times have you received a business card, tucked it inside your wallet or pocket, and then forgotten about it? Let’s face it, unless it’s a spectacular mind-blowing design, it may not be memorable. However, what if YOUR business card was made of custom chocolate? Customized chocolate business gifts can be a great non-conventional means of promotion; imagine having your logo and company information imprinted on creamy, luxurious premium milk or dark chocolate and encased in a delightful custom box with your company’s design. Memorable? Yes! Delicious? Yes and yes!



One way to enhance your company’s image is to aim to inspire your clients and show appreciation for their loyalty to your business, especially with WOW moments. You want to give your brand meaning, while at the same time communicating to your clients that they also mean something to you, and we all know that businesses thrive because of their clients. Picture this: your branded logo engraved on luxurious premium milk or dark chocolate backed with sweet, crispy cookies – cookies with class that tell your story and highlight your brand, or cookies that just say, “Thank You.” A thoughtful corporate logo gift, which surprises and delights!

Custom box of chocolates branded with company logo4. BRAND AWARENESS

Recognition is key for a business, and a brand is more than just advertising. A brand is the life-blood of a company. A brand tells the story of a company and creates emotional connections. A custom chocolate business gift with your brand can tell your story AND enhance the emotional engagement of your customers. Personalized chocolate gifts are excellent advertising tools, also. Recipients of personalized business gifts with your logo could also end up being ambassadors to your brand as word-of-mouth promoters.

The act of giving customized chocolate gifts may also attract new clients or customers, especially when your recipients share their custom chocolates with others. You may want to consider our 10-Piece Ensemble with a custom engraved premium milk or dark center bar with your logo, surrounded by nine smaller squares in the chocolate of your choice. You can even customize the box with your logo, branding or designs!


Nothing says “Thank you” or makes an impression like a luxurious, creamy premium chocolate gift. Your recipients will remember the thought put into their unique corporate gifts, and they will also remember the delicious flavors they experienced. Would you like to make their executive gifts even more memorable? WOW your clients with a luxury custom gift tower; the bottom layer filled with sweet, crispy branded cookies and the top layer with decadent dark chocolate salted caramels.

We know how important it is to retain customer engagement. Let us at Totally Chocolate help you make it easier and more memorable! Together we can create spectacular custom chocolate business gifts and promotional gifts that will WOW your clients and keep your distinctive brand and company personality at the forefront with class, flavor, and unforgettable design options.

Whatever your custom chocolate business gift needs are, we are here to help you find a sweet, delicious solution! Contact us on 800-255-5506  or via Live Chat so we can assist you in choosing the perfect branded confection!

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