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What are the best creative wedding favor trends for 2019? Trends frequently come and go, but what is always in style is uniqueness and personalization! To ensure you showcase your special theme and keep your guests happy, focus on gifting favors that will not end up in the trash. No one should feel guilt at your wedding when they decide to throw out your useless wedding favor. So, make it something indispensable, tasty, stylish.. or all three!

What are wedding favors?

Let’s look why we give favors. Wedding favors are given as small tokens of appreciation to guests who attend your wedding and serve as souvenirs from the day. Most couples want to be sure that people remember their special day, so they gift wedding favors that are personal and meaningful as their expression of appreciation.

Every bride and groom want the most unique wedding favors, here are some tips to achieve the best value for your budget:

Custom chocolate wedding favor wrapper bars
  1. Use your wedding color theme

Do you have a color theme that you can base your favor designs upon? The most elegant wedding favors often carry the same hue as the groom’s tie and accessories. Match flowers, favors and even your garter to show off your chosen color! Create a custom wrapper bar, or look for a pre-design to suit your style and budget.

  1. Use your Engagement photos

You’ve spent time, effort and money having elegant engagement photography taken, why not re-use them? Engagement photos are usually the first couple’s photo shoot together and ideal to add a personal touch to your favors. Have your image printed on the wrapper, or go one step further to WOW your guests and engrave your photo onto the chocolate!

  1. Engrave something personal

Showcase your personalities and make it personal. It’s your special day. Write a personal note, design something that means a lot to you. Monogrammed chocolate favors or a design.

Engraving something elaborate costs the same as a simple design in the world of chocolate. As they say, go big or go home! Our chocolate engraving can be as detailed as 1 pt font (that’s about the same as this font you are reading), and we have experienced designers who will create your masterpiece for free. All you need is your dreams.


@bearmoondoe – As I wait for pics from our wedding photographer, thought I’d share the wedding favors our guests left with. A sugar cookie, chocolate coated on one side, engraved with my husband’s and my caricatures. SOOO happy with how they turned out. Not to mention, they were delicious!! ???”

  1. Delight with a wedding favor your guests will enjoy

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Scrumptious sugar cookies luxuriously covered in premium chocolate and engraved with your custom design. Choose a custom wedding favor wrapper bar or a 1 cookie custom box, and your guests can enjoy the chocolate and cherish the packaging to remind them of the most amazing day celebrating your wedding.


  1. Buy wholesale

Buying chocolate in bulk reduces overall cost. Buy more save more. If you are hosting a wedding then you typically have lots of guests to consider. Be smart and make your wedding as cost effective as possible.

At Totally Chocolate we are specialists in making wedding themes unique. All our brides and grooms and wedding event planners agree!


Cheryl L West  recommends Totally Chocolate.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “ We ordered custom Candy Bars for my son and daughter in laws wedding reception! Let me tell you! They were the most talked about things on the table! And so delicious! I am so glad we made that decision! I did everything over the phone and email. It was truly a great experience working with the folks at Totally Chocolate! Thank you so much for having a hand in our fabulous wedding!

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Dream edible wedding favors – it’s all in the detail!

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