Totally Chocolate Holiday Gift Guide

It’s almost that special time of the year when holiday shopping begins before Christmas! However, choosing the perfect gift is not always easy.

Whether for someone who is near and dear to you or for a corporate client, your Christmas gifts need to be special, unique, loved, and personalized while coming in beautifully wrapped packaging.

It’s not a small feat but we at Totally Chocolate can help. In this holiday gift guide, we explore all the different holiday chocolate gifts you can choose from to make your gift special, unique, and unforgettable.

Let’s take a closer look!

Christmas selection

Chocolate Christmas gifts are among the most universally loved gifts around the world. But personalized, premium chocolate is even better. With our holiday gift selection, you can choose from a wide variety of options, including dark, milk, and white chocolate to suit every taste bud.

From luxury chocolate ensembles to 1 lb and 2 lb chocolate bars, what makes these gifts so special is that you can have them engraved with your special message or design. Your personalized chocolate bars will become a total hit with every recipient—whether someone close to you or a corporate client.

And to add a cherry on top, our gift wrapping means that you can have a totally unique custom box to place your chocolate gifts in, which comes with your design that we help you refine to turn your vision into reality.

Chocolate ensembles

When it comes to holiday chocolate gift boxes, you won’t be disappointed with our broad selection of chocolate ensembles.

Once again, these come in white, milk, and dark chocolate and what’s more, they are made of premium chocolate that absolutely delights.

We have a wide selection of ensembles ranging from 10, 19, 23, 45, and 90 pieces. What’s better than a single piece of chocolate? 10 to 90 pieces of chocolate!

The gift that keeps on giving, you’ll never go wrong with a chocolate ensemble.

Cookie sets

For those who adore the taste of chocolate cookies, we have something for you, too! Our cookie sets come with 6,12, or 24 pieces but we also have s’mores kits to enjoy with a cup of hot chocolate or a warm beverage of your choice.

Perfect for those chilly winter evenings, these melt-in-your mouth treats are not to be missed. And if you’re considering getting a cookie set for a corporate client, why not take your gift giving to the next level?

You can make your gift stand out and be more memorable through custom logo cookies. Wondering what this entails? You send us your company logo and we engrave it on the cookies. This is a great way to boost brand awareness and to make your gift a more well-rounded experience.

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Luxury tasting boxes and towers

And now, we reach the pinnacle of chocolate gifts: our luxury tasting boxes and towers. With Totally Chocolate, you can have a fully customized tasting box tailored to your unique needs at an affordable price.

What’s more is that our luxury tasting boxes come in a fully custom, three-piece set that offers variety and a melt-in-your mouth experience.

In addition, these towers and boxes consist of chocolate bars, cookies, and peppermint bark. The perfect combination for chocolate lovers.

Promo items

Looking for a great deal for the holiday season? We’ve got you covered. Simply browse our selection of promo items, including a 2×5 chocolate bar or a 2×5 set of six chocolate bars.

These engraved and fully custom gifts don’t stop there though. That’s because you can also choose from our:

  • Premium envelope trios
  • Printed folder trios
  • A 24-day advent calendar
  • A printed portfolio trio
  • Engraved Oreo or sugar cookies
  • S’mores kits
  • 4- or 6-piece mini chocolate sets
  • Restaurant toppers
  • 2×3 chocolate bars
  • 2”, 2”- 3”, or 3” – 4” chocolate shapes
  • A 2×3” chocolate business card, or
  • Custom premium chocolate color cookies

The selection is practically endless. That’s because we know all the ways in which we can make chocolate work for you!

Why is personalization important for Christmas gifts?

With so many options just waiting to be explored, your Christmas gift this year needs to stand out. But why is personalization important for Christmas gifts? The answer is simple: when you personalize a gift, you tell the gift recipient that you’ve carefully considered who they are and what they mean to you.

You’ve made an effort to make them feel special. You’ve also ensured that you haven’t gotten them a generic gift that will sit in a cupboard gathering dust. When a gift recipient knows how much effort you’ve put into your gift, you will be remembered better and your relationship will be strengthened.

Not to mention that research backs the fact that gift giving releases good chemicals in the brain and makes you feel good about yourself, too! With our selection of custom chocolate gifts and ready designs for this year’s holiday season, you now have the perfect gift for anyone in your circle.

In conclusion

Whether you’re giving the gift of chocolate to those most near and dear to you or you are buying chocolate corporate gifts in bulk, you’re in great hands with Totally Chocolate. We work with you and your designs to make your chocolate gift as special, unique, and memorable as possible.

And with the variety of chocolate options in our rich and delicious portfolio, you’ll be absolutely spoilt for choice this holiday season. Give a personalized and engraved gift that comes in the perfect wrapping and surprise and delight everyone this year with something truly special.

We encourage you to browse our extensive selection of premium chocolates today!

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