Long-Distance Birthday Gifts—Benefits, Tips, and Ideas

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Whether you have friends, loved ones, or co-workers who live in another state or country, you will want to surprise them on their special day by sending them a surprise birthday gift. This major milestone in their lives will be marked by the “wow” factor when you put careful thought into your gift.

However, there are plenty of other benefits of sending a long-distance birthday gift. And that’s exactly the topic that we explore in this article.

In addition, we look at some tips for sending your gift and offer some delightfully delicious and personalized birthday gift ideas for you to consider. Let’s get started!

Benefits of sending a long-distance birthday gift

If you thought that surprise is the only benefit of sending birthday gifts, you’d be mistaken.

There’s plenty of research to show that gift-giving can make you feel good about yourself and your actions.

But there are many other benefits of gift-giving that you can enjoy—whether it’s in person or across the country. Let’s take a closer look at some of these:

1. Fosters stronger connections

There are certainly emotional aspects to gift-giving and surprising a loved one with a gift, even if they may be far away, can promote positive feelings. It fosters closeness and connectedness, lessens the distance between you, and strengthens your bonds. In addition, gift-giving can foster trust between the giver and recipient and it can help sustain friendships and relationships and it can also show that you care while creating happy memories at the same time.

2. Boosts your happiness levels

As mentioned above, there’s research backing the positive effects of gift-giving. One of these is the chemical reactions that happen in the brain when you give someone a gift and surprise them. Good chemicals that may be released include endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine, making you feel even better. Also known as the “helpers’ high”, which happens when people volunteer or do good for others, gift-giving is a feel-good activity that can make you feel happier.

3. Gives your confidence levels a boost

Linked to boosting happiness levels, gift-giving is also great for boosting your confidence levels. In fact, when you’re happier, your sense of self-worth increases and consequently so does your confidence. This is a great way to feel better about yourself as you’re sharing the love with others and putting a smile on their face. In addition to this, when you feel better and have a stronger sense of self-worth, your anxiety and stress levels tend to decrease. There’s also research backing the fact that giving can lower stress and blood pressure and that it has positive health benefits.

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Who will enjoy such a gift?

Long-distance birthday gifts don’t have to be reserved for family members only. You can put careful thought into your gifts for:

  1. Friends: friendships can be sustained and bonds strengthened when you send a friend who lives far away from you a thoughtful birthday gift.
  2. Family: they may be family, but they will still love the element of surprise and the thoughtfulness you put into their gift.
  3. Co-workers: co-workers are least likely to expect a long-distance birthday gift and that’s one of the reasons that makes giving them a birthday gift so special.
  4. Corporate clients: sending a long-distance client a birthday gift shows attention to detail and appreciation. This is more likely to strengthen your professional relationship and see them continuing doing business with you.

Tips when sending a long-distance birthday gift

Sending a long-distance birthday gift—irrespective of the recipient—requires some careful preparation. Some of our tips for making your birthday gift as special as possible include the following:

1. Plan ahead

Planning ahead is crucial if you’re sending a gift abroad or across the country. Many delivery and courier companies are quite pressed during the holiday season and this could mean a delay in the delivery of your gift. That’s why planning your timing ahead of time is important. Speak to your courier company and determine how long it will take for your package to arrive while ensuring you have enough time to buy the gift, wrap it, and send it. Also important here is to check the custom requirements of the country you are sending to, if your gift is going abroad. There may be some restrictions on certain items and the last thing you want is for your gift to be returned to you without ever reaching the hands of your recipient.

2. Make it personal

Adding a personal touch to your gift is an excellent way to make your recipient feel special. Whether you give a gift that’s engraved with a special message or something that’s meaningful to both of you, you will delight them when they know how much thought and effort you put into their gift. Sometimes, the most thoughtful gift is the unexpected one. But why not take it a step further and add your personal touch to the gift for an even better reaction?

3. Consider the packaging and presentation

The way your gift is wrapped will make the first impression on the recipient. Whether you choose to go grand or eco-friendly, you should put careful thought into your wrapping and packaging so that you delight from the moment the gift is in their hands.

4. Choose a reliable company

Finally, it’s a good idea to double-check who will be sending your gift to the recipient. A reliable company will talk you through the requirements of sending cross-country or abroad and will set out any additional requirements you should be aware of so that your gift arrives safely, at the right destination, and at the right time.

Personalized chocolate birthday gift ideas

We promised that we’d offer you some delightful long-distance birthday gift ideas and we’re about to do just that! In particular, since most people love chocolate, we recommend our chocolate birthday gifts, which are made of premium dark, milk, and white chocolate.

Whether you choose a 1 lb or 2 lb chocolate bar, a chocolate ensemble, or a set of cookies, you can have them fully personalized and engraved with a special message for that extra special touch.

When you choose Totally Chocolate to help you with your gift, you can rest assured that your delivery will be absolutely seamless and perfect. Don’t hesitate to browse our extensive selection!

Final thoughts

And there you have it! Some pretty amazing birthday gift ideas to send long-distance as well as tips for sending and the benefits of doing so. When you send a birthday gift cross-country or abroad, you’re setting the stage for something truly special and unique.

Your unforgettable gift will leave a lasting impression and create positive memories that both of you can cherish forever as you look back. And when it comes to chocolate gifts, when you personalize them through engraving and special wrapping, your gift will truly be remarkable and stand out from the crowd.

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