Top 21 Unique Employee Appreciation Gifts for Remote Workers

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Feeling disconnected from your remote team? Studies show remote workers often experience isolation. Surprise them with thoughtful gifts that show you care and boost morale, engagement, and productivity! While remote appreciation can be tricky and virtual high-fives only go so far, this guide provides creative gift ideas to bridge the physical gap and connect with your team. Ready to get started? Let’s dive in.

Why Do Remote Employee Appreciation Gifts Matter? 

There are many important reasons why you will want to give your remote employee appreciation gifts. A few of these reasons include:

  • Emotional connection: Gifts are more than just stuff. For remote workers, they’re a tangible reminder that they’re valued members of the team, fostering a sense of connection despite physical distance.
  • Boost morale and engagement: A thoughtful gift can brighten someone’s day, increase job satisfaction, and motivate them to go the extra mile.
  • Strengthen team spirit: Gifts can spark conversations and create shared experiences, even virtually, building a stronger sense of camaraderie.

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How do you appreciate remote employees?

The importance of going beyond virtual “thank you” cards is undeniable. That’s why you need to find creative ways to show appreciation despite physical distance. Just a few of the benefits of employee appreciation include: increased morale, improved engagement, and a stronger team spirit.

What are good employee appreciation gifts?

These are thoughtful gifts that show you care about your remote workers and contribute to a positive work environment. However, corporate gifting to your remote employees should be done right. There are a few corporate gifting mistakes you want to avoid.

Go Beyond the Expected: Unique Gift Ideas That Say Thank You

And as promised, we now dive into a series of unique thank you gift ideas that your remote team will absolutely love. Below is our selection of the top 21 employee appreciation ideas for remote workers.

Gifts that show you care: Personalized and practical

  1. Custom engraved water bottle: Practical and personalized with a name, motivational quote, or company logo.
  2. Handwritten note with a memory: Mention a specific achievement or inside joke for a heartfelt touch.
  3. Donation to their favorite charity: Shows you care about their values and makes a positive impact.
  4. DNA kit with ancestry report: Unleash their inner explorer and spark conversations about heritage.
  5. Subscription box for their hobby: Cater to their interests with a curated box of coffee, art supplies, or self-care products.
  6. Planted tree with a dedication plaque: A symbolic and eco-friendly gesture that grows with their achievements.
  7. Personalized video message from the team: A heartfelt compilation of messages and well wishes.
  8. Framed photo collage of team moments: Even virtual teams can create lasting memories.

Sweeten the deal: Personalized chocolate gifts with a unique touch

Chocolate is an undeniable and universally loved way to say thank you and show that you care. It’s a treat that satisfies sweet cravings and elevates any gift to a whole new level. But why not personalize the chocolates with your company logo for a touch of brand identity?

You can also add custom messages on each piece. For instance, you could include personalized messages of appreciation, encouragement, or even team member nicknames for a fun twist. What’s more, you can choose from themed chocolates for special occasions. These are chocolates with custom designs for holidays, birthdays, or work anniversaries. This can be a great way to show appreciation for your remote employees especially during the holidays.

Experiences that foster connection and teamwork

  1. Virtual escape room challenge: A fun and collaborative activity to boost teamwork and communication.
  2. Online cooking class with a meal kit delivery: Learn a new skill together and enjoy a delicious meal (virtually!).
  3. Subscription to a streaming service with a watch party: Bond over a shared favorite show or movie.
  4. Remote team trivia night: A playful competition that breaks the ice and promotes friendly interaction.
  5. Live-streamed concert tickets: Enjoy a shared cultural experience from the comfort of home.
  6. Online fitness class with a buddy system: Encourage healthy habits and team support with a virtual workout session.
  7. Remote game night with gift cards for prizes: Engage in a virtual game night with fun prizes delivered to their doorstep.

Promoting wellbeing and work-life balance: Gift ideas for relaxation and focus

  1. Blue light blocking glasses: Improve eye health and comfort for long screen time.
  2. Noise-canceling headphones with a personalized case: Personalized with their initials for a touch of luxury.
  3. Standing desk converter: Promote healthy posture and increased productivity.
  4. Comfortable ergonomic chair: Invest in their comfort and well-being while they work.
  5. Subscription box for healthy snacks: Fuel their energy with delicious and nutritious treats.
  6. Gift certificate for a massage or spa treatment: Encourage relaxation and stress relief for a refreshed mind and body.


Demonstrating employee appreciation for remote workers has profound benefits for remote teams. It’s a way of connecting with them on a personal level, a way of fostering stronger relationships. It also shows that you care and understand their situation and the challenges they face. Overall, it’s a way to promote a culture of caring that everyone will want to be a part of. 

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