The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Christmas Gifts for Business Clients

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Christmas is around the corner and as the year wraps up, there’s no better time for businesses to think about gifting their corporate clients. If you are wondering whether you should get Christmas gifts for business clients, the answer is a resounding “yes”. 

Of course, the gift needs to be in proportion to the relationship you have with your client. However, doing so has many advantages including that it can help boost their loyalty to your business, improve your business connections, and set you apart from the competition.

In this article, we offer you the ultimate guide to choosing the best Christmas gifts for business clients so that you can “wow” and nicely surprise them with something special and unique. Let’s dive in!

Understanding your clients

When it comes to choosing the best business Christmas gifts for clients, the very first thing you need to do is think carefully about who they are. It is very common these days for organizations to send out impersonal gifts that will simply be stashed away in a cupboard, soon to be forgotten. 

But if you want your gift to stand out, you need to know your clients quite well. One way to do this is to be sincere and ask them directly whether they have any preferences, as you’d like to send them a token of your appreciation. 

This is the case if you aren’t sure about what they’d like. If, on the other hand, you have a pretty good understanding and knowledge of your business client, you can proceed to create your list of best Christmas gift ideas for them.

Consider getting a thoughtful and practical gift

Next, as you are brainstorming ideas for client Christmas gifts, you will want to add a couple of thoughts about gifts that are both thoughtful and practical.

Thoughtful gifts mean that you have spent a lot of time and effort looking for the perfect gift. This will require a fine balance between the nature of the relationship you have with your client and what you’d ultimately like your gift to achieve. 

Practical gifts are something that they can use on a continuous basis and, if branded with your company logo, will be something that strengthens brand awareness and business loyalty.

Examples of such gifts include branded merchandise or gift baskets among others.

Perhaps the most important aspect of selecting your gift is to ensure that it is of high quality. Getting something cheap that will break after one use is the perfect recipe for a plummeting reputation.

Of course, you don’t have to break the bank but consider the quality of the gift in conjunction with its price so that you strike the perfect balance.

Gourmet and food-related gifts during the holiday season have a special appeal

While you can always settle on a material gift, one gift that will go a long way to being memorable is engraved and personalized chocolate. Since chocolate has universal appeal and comes in premium dark, white, and milk chocolate varieties, you can cater to every taste bud. 

Plus, add to the fact that your personalized chocolate bars can be engraved with a special message, and your gift will truly stand out from the crowd. Your chocolate corporate gifts come in many varieties, too. 

For example, you can choose from 1 lb and 2 lb chocolate bars, chocolate ensembles with dozens of chocolate pieces, and even custom logo cookies that will make your brand more memorable and create a delightfully delicious experience. 

At Totally Chocolate, we take holiday chocolate gifts seriously and can help you customize your chocolate gifts in a multitude of ways so that you express something truly special that your client will absolutely love.

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Surprise the recipient with an experience

Another option you have when it comes to corporate gifting during Christmas is to give the gift of an experience. However, this is where you need to know your client exceptionally well so that you do not give them something that they will not enjoy. 

Some options you have available include a dinner on a boat, a hot-air balloon ride, a picnic for their team, a day out playing laser tag or mini-golf, a day at the cinema for them and their team, and many others. 

Just bear in mind that experience gifts often take up time and your client may not be able to fit these into their busy schedule.

Choose a sustainable gift that gives back

The last gift category we suggest is choosing a sustainable gift that gives back. If your client is eco-conscious, they’ll want their gift to be recyclable or eco-friendly. With this in mind, you can purchase a related gift or even give the gifts of plants or seeds and the materials required to plant them. Recyclable gifts can include many options. Alternatively, gifts made from recycled materials are another great option.

The importance of wrapping and presentation

With these ideas in mind, you are almost ready to send your gift. But what about the wrapping and presentation? 

A scruffily or hastily wrapped gift is unlikely to make a favorable first impression and that’s why you need to think about the wrapping for an excellent unboxing experience that delights. Add a special touch to your gift by incorporating a handwritten card or adding a personalized or even engraved name tag. 

This is a great way to show you’ve put a lot of thought, effort, and consideration into their gift. The more personal it is, the more memorable it is likely to be. On the flip side, if your gift and wrapping are quite generic, you risk creating a poor impression of your business.

How to set a budget for client gifts

In the US, corporate gifts can be tax deductible. This is good news for those businesses that want to give these gifts to their clients. However, you need to work with a predetermined budget. 

Consider the type of gift you’d like to purchase for them, how many clients you’d like to send gifts to, and what your budget limitations are. If you choose something that’s too fancy or expensive, you may create an expectation that you’d like to receive a similar gift from them, which can sour your relationship. 

If you go for something too cheap, you’ll make them feel unvalued. Therefore, choosing the middle ground is the most appropriate way to go.

Concluding remarks

As you can see, choosing corporate gifts to give your clients for Christmas can be a tricky field to navigate. It’s about finding the perfect, most personalized gift, at the right price. Luckily, with chocolate’s universal appeal, engraving options, and affordable prices, you can really strike the bull’s eye with your corporate gift. Browse through our wide selection of corporate chocolate gifts and choose something that will really make your business stand out.

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