Personalized and Memorable Farewell Gifts Ideas for Coworkers

colleagues giving a Farewell Gift to coworker

There are many reasons why people leave companies. It could be moving to a new location. It could be moving onto a different opportunity. Or it could be because the person is retiring. Either way, giving gifts for coworkers when leaving a job is always a good idea for two reasons.

It will maintain a good relationship with the former employee and it will foster a culture of appreciation among your current employees, making your workplace one that is enjoyable to work in. When it comes to giving a going away gift for a coworker, you may be stuck for ideas.

But in the article below, we help you explore your options while also mentioning a few no-no’s to ensure your farewell gift is as perfect for the recipient as possible. Let’s take a closer look.

Things to consider when choosing a farewell gift for a colleague

Giving gifts in a professional setting can be a challenge in and of itself. There are many factors that you should consider as you think about coworker leaving gifts. Among these include the following:

Their interests and personality

Every person is unique. Your coworker may be shy and quiet, they may be an extrovert and outgoing. And they all have different interests and hobbies. With this in mind, you need to choose a gift that is appropriate for the coworker both in terms of their personality and in terms of their interests. This way, you ensure your gift is appropriate and will not cause a negative reaction or offense.

Your relationship with them

Your relationship with your leaving coworker also matters. If you are a manager, there are certain boundaries that you should respect in terms of gift giving when it comes to the employee.

For example, you do not want to send any negative signals or messages that will leave a bad taste in their mouth. You want to create a positive impression and indicate thoughtfulness.

If you are a team of coworkers preparing the gift, you also need to consider how you have worked with that colleague over the years and what would be meaningful for them as you look for ways to show appreciation for their efforts.

Their future plans

Sometimes, a coworker leaves because they are retiring. In such cases, you need to consider gifts that are appropriate for the occasion and showcase that you respect and value their time and efforts spent at the company.

If they are moving to a different location, you’ll want to get them something small so that the moving process is not made more cumbersome.

Gift appropriateness and company policies

Lastly, it goes without saying that you need to choose a work-appropriate gift that aligns with your company policy.

There may be certain restrictions in place of what is deemed an appropriate gift and what amount is suitable to spend.

Often, when teams pull resources together, they usually spend anywhere from $10 to $100 per gift, collecting and pooling funds within the group to ensure that there is a sufficient amount to cover the cost of the gift without spending exorbitant amounts that could send the wrong message.

Which going-away gifts are better avoided? 

And, of course, there are certain gifts that are better avoided for a number of good reasons. Included in the list of farewell gifting idea no-no’s are:

  • Gifts that are too personal: A gift that is too personal can send the wrong message. Examples include undergarments or lingerie.
  • Gag gifts: Gag gifts may be funny for some, but you simply don’t know how the gift will be interpreted by the recipient. That’s why it’s better to avoid such gifts as you do not want to cause offense.
  • Gifts implying negativity about their time at the company: Any negative connotations related to negativity about their time at the company should be avoided. You do not want to burn bridges with your gift. Instead, you want to foster a culture of gratitude and appreciation. That’s why gifts with a covertly or overtly negative message or implication are also best avoided.
  • Expensive gifts: Expensive gifts can make the recipient feel uncomfortable, wondering how they will reciprocate if they do not have the budget. It creates an expectation that they are expected to return the favor but it also puts them in an uncomfortable position of digging deep in their budget, which is something no one wants to feel.
  • Homemade gifts: Homemade gifts may seem like a good idea at first, but they can also be highly time-consuming to create. And although we often think of homemade gifts as more affordable options, they tend to affect the budget in an unfriendly way. In addition, your homemade gift may be a bit too personal, which means you may strike the wrong chord with the leaving coworker.
  • Gifts they already have: There’s no point in giving a gift that the recipient already has. If you give them a duplicate gift, it will either likely be binned or given away, resulting in a complete loss of purpose for your gift idea.
  • Gifts with hidden messages or agendas: And lastly, any gifts with a hidden message or agenda should be avoided. You do not want to send conflicting messages to your coworker. You want them to feel special and appreciated. Anything with nuanced meanings should be considered a no-no.

Personalized farewell gift ideas 

You may be thinking that with so many no-no’s in terms of farewell gifting ideas for your coworker, what is actually an appropriate gift. Here at Totally Chocolate, we have the answer. 

Premium and high-quality dark, milk, or white chocolate, personalized with a special message or their name through engraving on the chocolate, and packaged in the most beautiful way—each of these elements make for the perfect thank you gifts when leaving a job, meaning it is both personalized and universally loved.

A few ideas to consider from our extensive portfolio include:

  • Premium chocolate thank you gift box: The perfect personalized farewell gift for a coworker may just be a premium chocolate thank you gift box. These gift boxes can come in a variety of flavors, can be engraved with a special message, and are beautifully wrapped.
  • 1 lb chocolate bar: Who doesn’t love premium chocolate bars? And what’s better than a small chocolate bar? The answer is a whopping 1 lb of oh-so-delicious chocolate. Engraved. Personalized. And beautifully wrapped to your liking.
  • 2-piece gift tower: If you want to raise the bar (pun intended), then you may want to go for a 2-piece gift tower. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.
  • 3-piece gift tower: And what is better than a 2-piece gift tower? A 3-piece gift tower. Even more chocolate to be enjoyed and devoured.
  • Luxury tasting box: Of course, for the more luxurious taste and for a more luxurious personalized farewell gift for a coworker, there are also luxury tasting boxes that introduce a whole lot of variety and a new dimension to gift giving.

All in all, with personalized and engraved premium chocolate, you will never go wrong when looking for gift ideas for a leaving coworker.

Browse our extensive selection of chocolate options and varieties and get in touch with us to design your very own personalized chocolate that leaves the best impression possible and lets you say farewell in a dignified and positive way.

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