Corporate Gifting on a Budget: Strategies for Your Small Business

Corporate Gifting on a Budget: Strategies for Your Small Business

Small businesses are the lifeblood of economies all around the world. But they’re also on a tight budget. That’s why corporate gifting for them can be a challenge. If you’re a small business owner wanting to express appreciation to your partners/vendors, clients, or employees, you need to know that you can do so in affordable ways.

After all, corporate gifts are a great way to solidify and strengthen relationships. And if you can do this on a budget, even better. So, for those small business owners among you who are looking for affordable corporate gifts without any ideas of where to start, this post is for you.

Below, we explore what factors you should take into consideration when choosing a corporate gift as well as offer some excellent gift ideas you can explore to make the best choice. Let’s dive in.

Set a clear budget

Whether it’s a company milestone, an employee anniversary, a special partnership with a client, or anything in between, corporate gifts are an ideal way to offer a branded yet personalized gift. However, some gifts can go into the hundreds of dollars, making them feel out of reach.

That’s why your very first step should be to decide on how much you can allocate per recipient or for the entire gifting initiative. Sticking to your budget is a great way to prevent overspending. So, step number one is to set limits per recipient or gifting occasion.

Plan your corporate gifts in advance to save some money

Planning gift giving from your business in advance is another important way to save some money. Why? Because when you give yourself the time and space, you can find some cost-effective corporate gifts, especially when you are looking for sales, bulk discounts, or even clearance items. Getting bulk corporate gifts is a good way and a strategic approach to stretch your budget.

Know your audience

You also need to have a clear idea and understanding of who you are actually going to give your corporate gifts to. There are three main categories of recipients you may be considering for your corporate gift giving. These include:

  • Clients: Research their interests and tailor your gifts accordingly. Consider local experiences, themed gift baskets, or subscriptions to relevant services.
  • Employees: Recognize different preferences and budgets within your team. Gift cards to popular stores, personalized desk accessories, or experiences like team trivia nights can work well.
  • Vendors/Partners: Show appreciation with branded merchandise, local treats, or donations to their chosen charities.

Don’t forget about your goals

Your goals should also play a deciding role in what type of corporate gifts you choose. If your gifts are for employees, are you aiming to celebrate a certain team milestone or are you trying to boost employee morale?

For clients who you may wish to impress, you may choose something different to ensure your strategic partnerships thrive. Ultimately, you know that corporate gift giving can significantly strengthen your brand, both from within and outside the organization. So, choose carefully and have a clear understanding of your ultimate goals for your gift giving process.

Personalize whenever possible

Personalization is key when it comes to corporate gifting. But how do you personalize a gift? Firstly, you can definitely get a gift that is personalizable. This means something that can be specially engraved with a note, company logo, message, or even the recipient’s name.

You can also consider the wrapping. The wrapping can be eco-friendly, branded, and customized to ensure that you’re sending the right message across to the recipient.

And finally, since most gifts come with cards, consider writing a handwritten note, leaving a custom message, or simply getting a relevant item, which shows you put thought into the entire gift—from the item itself to the final presentation.

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Corporate gift ideas for small businesses

And now, as promised, we offer a few corporate gifts on a budget that won’t break the bank. If you’re looking for budget-friendly, cheap corporate gifts that can be personalized and wrapped perfectly to meet your requirements, at Totally Chocolate, we have the answer.

We have both chocolate products under $10, corporate gifts under $20, and chocolate gifts under $25. This not only means creating tailored gifts that outshine the rest. It’s also about corporate gifting that is personalized and universally loved through premium dark, white, or milk chocolate.

Here are a few options you may want to consider:

Chocolate ideas under $10:

  • Milk chocolate cookies
  • Milk chocolate holiday wrapper bars
  • Chocolate shapes
  • Gold foiled coins
  • Silver foiled coins
  • Pink foiled coins
  • Musical note gold squares
  • Blue foiled stars
  • Gold foiled stars
  • House shapes
  • Red foiled hearts
  • Mixed foiled Easter eggs
  • Shamrock green foiled coins
  • Sugar cookies
  • Puzzle shapes
  • Hard hat shapes
  • And so much more!

Chocolate ideas under $25:

  • Peppermint bark, holiday shimmering snowflake, 6-piece set random assortment
  • 6-piece cookie set, engraved premium chocolate, holiday crimson poinsettia


With so many options to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to all the varieties of premium and absolutely melt-in-your-mouth delicious chocolate options we have in store for you.

Get in touch with us to discuss your bulk or discounted chocolate gift needs or browse our extensive selection of premium chocolate varieties to ensure your next corporate gifting event is an absolute success.

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