How To Congratulate with a Chocolate?

get your customized chocolate to celebrate your family and friends

Even though celebrations this year look unlike what we are used to, that doesn’t mean things aren’t worth celebrating. Sure, weddings are taking place in small groups and with most guests attending the event online, baby showers are in parks with the distance between guests, and grad celebrations have gotten creative with parades and other types of events.

In fact, we could all probably use a little more celebration in our lives. We all deserve a little congratulations for getting through this very strange time. It’s been unlike anything anyone has ever seen.

So, why not give each other a pat on the back, just for making it this far. And if there is something even more exciting to celebrate, like a milestone, a birth, a wedding, or an anniversary, it’s all the more reason to congratulate the friends, family, and acquaintances that have come this far.

How, though? Great question.

Sure, travel is more challenging, but sending things through the mail has never been easier. Our favorite way to say congratulations, and this might be obvious, is to send a thoughtful, personalized, and meaningful chocolate gift.

Saying CONGRATULATIONS! with chocolate can really hit the nail on the head. Because you can personalize a message directly onto the chocolate, you can convey just the right tone. And since chocolate is loved the world over, it is a comforting and decadent treat that is perfect for these strange pandemic times. Finally, it’s just so nice to receive a gift that you can enjoy on the spot, and even share if you are feeling generous.

Here are some of our favourite chocolate options to say congratulations, with a few other ideas listed below.

3 Chocolate Options to Say Congratulations

6 or 9—Piece Oreo Cookies with Engraved Belgian Chocolate

This gift is a fun and festive way to say: Let’s Celebrate! Because who doesn’t love Oreo® cookies, especially when they are taken to a whole new level of taste and deliciousness.

With this offering, the lucky recipient will enjoy a random assortment of milk chocolate and white chocolate covered Oreos®, featuring a variety of beautifully-engraved Celebration messages.

In addition, the cookies come featured in a luxe silver gift box accented in a stars and dots pattern and bold “Let’s Celebrate” imprint. Biting into one of these cookies is a blast of flavor and fun. This congratulations gift is perfect for a wedding, a baby shower, or a student graduating from high school or college.

Indulgent 3-Piece Gift Tower Chocolate Favorites from the Signature Collection

There are plenty of ways to say “congratulations!” and they’re all great. But this 3-Piece Gift Tower is one of the best ways! For something totally luxe, the Totally Chocolate Chocolate Lovers Indulgent Gift Tower, a beautifully decadent gift to show your favourite clients, customers and friends you’re thinking of them.

This how we describe this impressive gift:

  • A mega-impact bar made with pure premium engraved chocolate is the base
  • The middle tier features 12 deluxe European-style cookies covered in an assortment of milk chocolate, dark chocolate and real Oreo® cookie wafers + deluxe white chocolate.
  • The top tier showcases 12 decadent and dreamy dark chocolate salted caramels.
  • The signature-blue luxe gift box and deep blue accent ribbon create a perfect presentation for the VIPs in your life.

I mean… just reading about it makes me feel like I’ve achieved something great! It’s a beautiful gift that truly celebrates an accomplishment, big or small.

2×3″ House Shapes or Belgian Milk Chocolate

Sometimes a “congratulations” gift comes with a twinge of the bittersweet. An accomplishment can also mean the end of a chapter or an era, it can mean stepping into a new phase of life. This is especially true with graduates whose lives will soon be changing.

For those of us who have friends and family in faraway places, a “Home SWEET Home!” chocolate can be a thoughtful way to say “congratulations” and “I miss you” at the same time.

Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ custom-shaped premium milk engraved chocolate house is individually packaged in a clear wrapper and must be ordered in a case of 50. Perfect to hand out to your child’s friends as they graduate and look to move away from home!

Of course, there are other gifts out there that say congratulations and that aren’t chocolate. Things like:

  • Online subscriptions to magazines, streaming services, or delivery services are excellent
  • Something sentimental like photos — you can even print them! — or have a photo printed on to something like a mug or a pair of socks
  • Plants! Plants can be delivered to a person’s doorstep and they always bring life to a new home or are a great way to mark a new beginning.
  • Art is a great way to give people a reminder of something amazing they have achieved — especially when it is thoughtful, tasteful, and personal.

The ideas are really endless, and of course, the best way to give a gift is to just do it. It really is the thought that counts. And when it comes to saying Congratulations, we might be biased in thinking that nothing beats a personalized chocolate treat. If you want to buy any chocolate for the celebration, please visit Totally Chocolate online store.

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