Creative marketing ideas for Health Care Professionals


They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what does a chocolate apple a day get you? And what if that chocolate is actually coming from your doctor? That has to be a good sign, right?

At Totally Chocolate, we assist many medical & health care practitioners discover unique ideas for their marketing strategies. It’s a field that doesn’t always come naturally to a maker of custom chocolates, so we’re honoured when we get the opportunity. We’ll accept any challenge and love getting asked if we have any marketing ideas for medical offices, medical clinics and physicians in a range of fields.

The answer, of course, is YES, we have plenty of ideas! At Totally Chocolate, helping our clients (no matter their niche) find ways to market themselves and grow their business is what we’re here for!

Medical offices and clinics present a unique challenge. Let’s be honest. It’s perhaps not that common to have a doctor or medical professional encourage chocolate consumption. But it also goes to show what kind of chocolate we create here — of the highest quality and absolutely delicious.

A little indulgence now and again can do wonders to lower stress levels and increase feelings of happiness. Plus, eating dark chocolate has a host of benefits from encouraging heart health to protection from disease-causing free radicals.

So when medical clinics, physicians, even dermatologists, approach us to help with marketing, we are happy to offer some suggestions.

We have great gift options for a variety of promotional scenarios. Here are a few:

Perhaps you are going to a trade show and want to stand out amongst the sea of tables and booths. Try ordering individual Totally Chocolate pieces that are custom engraved with your clinic’s information. You can hand these delicious chocolate “business cards” out to passers-by who will never forget you.

Perhaps you want to say Thank You to your staff or your suppliers. We can build gift sets that are customized with a special message and filled with an assortment of our highest quality chocolates.

Maybe you want to give your patients a little parting gift after a visit to your office or clinic. We can create individually wrapped, custom designed chocolates or cookies that are a perfect reward after a visit to the doctor. These can say anything you’d like, or we can even design the packaging to have space to write in the date of your patient’s next appointment.

The exciting thing about Totally Chocolate is our ability to customize our product to suit your needs and make the messaging and marketing say exactly what you want. Our staff knows our products inside and out and will come up with the perfect idea you didn’t even know you needed.

If you are a medical professional, physician or work in the healthcare industry and are looking for a way to stand out from the rest, contact us to see how we can help. Our guess is that we’ll be able to come up with some exciting, delicious and fun marketing products to meet your needs and budget.

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