Client Retention is easier with Chocolate Gifts!

Customer loyalty retention strategy

It’s tough to run a business if your clients don’t come back.

What we really mean is that client loyalty & retention is at the heart of any and every successful business. We all need clients to keep coming back, and there are strategies to help with client retention and loyalty. Without the hard work that goes into building customer loyalty, a business simply doesn’t have solid legs to stand on.

So what is at the heart of most client retention & loyalty strategies?

Understanding that building personal relationships and going the extra distance to make sure that clients feel appreciated go an incredibly long way in building a business.

There are many ways you can let a client know their business is appreciated; thank you cards and follow-up emails are two examples. Any thoughtful token of appreciation—like corporate chocolate gifts—grows trust and builds loyalty. Gestures like this will also help you stand out to your clients and you will be top of mind when they are considering their next transaction.

Further to that, word spreads!

Not only would sending an engraved chocolate bar or customized Totally Chocolate gift box build loyalty, but you can rest assured that your client will be telling their friends and colleagues about it. Word of mouth and a genuinely glowing endorsement does wonders in helping a business grow.

If you put yourself in your clients’ shoes, you can begin to appreciate how far those seemingly small actions go. How nice is it to get a token of appreciation after you’ve closed a deal or made a purchase? Especially one that is customized and absolutely delicious?

Retention strategies don’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as sending something in the mail. At Totally Chocolate, we make it easy to set up a system for you to send off a gift, big or small, and have it customized to your needs. Whether the chocolate, the packaging or the shipping, we tailor it all to suit your personal needs.

We know how important client retention is — that’s why we’ve been around for 30 years and we love helping businesses grow their client base, too!

Make it easy on yourself — keep clients coming back with a customized or logo branded gift from Totally Chocolate!

If you’d like to set up an account with us, or would like to discuss some client retention strategies in the form of delicious, unique and thoughtful gifts, get in touch via Live chat or 1-800-255-5506. We like to lead by example and have an incredible customer service team that will help with your every need.

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