2024 Ready Designs

In order to help assist you with your artwork, we offer a variety of metallic ready-design options for you to choose from, all utilizing our new printing capabilities in their own unique way. If you would like to change the greeting, font, or if you see a holiday message on one design that you would like to see on the background of another, we can make those adjustments for you. Colors can also be customized, upon approval with our art team.

Creating a unique gift has never been this easy or eye catching!

With our cutting-edge Xerox® Iridesse® Production Press bringing a stunning “wow” factor to our digital printing, we can offer you a whole new way to deliver joy and delight! With an innovative six-color print engine that can print lustrous gold and silver metallics, we can deliver a larger spectrum of color, smoother gradients, dazzling metallic blends and stunning high-quality print, all in a single pass. Flecks of real metal are embedded in the specialty gold and silver dry inks, grabbing the light and drawing valuable attention to your fully custom design.


Send us your logo and your ready-design option name, along with any additional instructions. Our in-house art team will create a design to your specifications and send you a proof.


After receiving your proof, please review it closely to see if it meets your specifications. If you need revisions, you can email us with your changes and we will promptly send new proofs for your approval.


Once the design meets your approval, we will move your order into production. Your full-color printed item is sure to be great complement to your chocolate.

There's a design that's perfect for you

Most ready designs are available in multiple color options to help you pick the design that best fits your brand!  Download a guide below or contact one of our Chocolate Specialists to find out more about what is available.

Download a digital 2024 Ready Design guide

Deco Celebration
Deco Holiday
Decorative Wreath
Frosted Slopes
Frosty Friends
Geometric Snowflake
Gingerbread House
Glimmer Ornament
Gold Deer
Hanukkah Confetti
Hanukkah Dots
Holiday Postcard
Holiday Truck
Merriest Wishes
Nostalgic Plaid
Ornamental Flare
Party Time
Polar Bear
Radiant Snow
Rustic Gift Wrap
Ski Slopes
Sleeted Timber
Twinkling Lights
Walk In The Snow
Winter Bouquet
Amber Leaves
Autumn Greetings
Autumn Leaves
Corn Swirl
Creeping Frank
Fall Foliage
Fall Leaves
Frightfully Haunted
Golden Gourds
Leaves & Stripes
Linen Harvest
Maples Branches
Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin Picking
Rustic Forest
Smiley Pumpkins
Vivid Fall
Witch’s Brew
Beach Day
Bright Lemons
Caught In A Breeze
Squeeze The Day
Summer Sailing
Beach Ball
Astute Columns
Business Foundation
Dentist Squares
Golden Leaves
Hammer The Details
Kitchen Sketch
Koi Pond
Luminous Orange
Marble Diamond
Misty Woods
Modern Polka Dot
Rough Geometry
Splash of Appreciation
Swirling Marble
Thank You International
Watercolor Splash

Chocolate Ready Design Art

Not sure what to put on your custom chocolate?  Take a look at our collection of holiday designs and see if one is the right fit for you.  Art is available for most sizes and products.

2lb Bar
Christmas Present
2lb Bar
Corner Holly
2lb Bar
Deco Holiday
2lb Bar
Falling Snow
2lb Bar
Glimmer Ornament
2lb Bar
Holiday Truck
2lb Bar
Holly & Pine
2lb Bar
Holly Frame
2lb Bar
Joyful Wonder
2lb Bar
Merriest Wishes
2lb Bar
Modern Tree
2lb Bar
2lb Bar
Ornamental Flare
2lb Bar
Pastel Christmas
2lb Bar
2lb Bar
Reindeer Gift Banner
2lb Bar
Rustic Giftwrap
2lb Bar
Santa Sleigh
2lb Bar
Shimmering Snowflake
2lb Bar
Silver Frost
2lb Bar
Snow Flurry
2lb Bar
Snowflake Ornaments
2lb Bar
2lb Bar
2lb Bar
2lb Bar
Winter Bouquet
2lb Bar
Winter Ribbon
2lb Bar
Winter Village
2lb Bar
Winter Wind
2lb Bar

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