Why Is Corporate Gifting a Good Idea? (+Unique Gift Ideas)

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Curious about whether you should gift your corporate clients with customer appreciation gifts? After all, what’s in a gift? The answer is simple – gifting is everything!

It shows you care. It shows you spent time thinking of them. It shows you went above and beyond to select and customize their gift. This ultimately means you put in the effort and went the extra mile.

And it can go a long way in business relationships. Wondering why? Take a look at some of the biggest reasons why you should prepare gifts for your business clients. And as an added bonus, we offer seven unique gift ideas to help make the process that much easier!

Why should you prepare gifts for your business clients?

There are numerous reasons why you should get appreciation gifts for clients. Some of the main reasons are:

  1. Highlights your business values and identity: by showing that you are caring, thoughtful, kind, and considerate, you’re essentially emphasizing what you stand for as corporate culture, as a brand, and as an individual.
  2. It reminds them that they are of value and makes them feel special: giving a gift also shows gratitude and appreciation. Sometimes, going a little further and doing something unexpected will remain etched in your business clients’ memories and this can help foster stronger relationships.
  3. Retains public relations that are beneficial to your business: the better your clients’ interactions with your business, the more solidified your brand becomes and the better opportunity you will have to foster stronger public relations.
  4. Builds bridges and strengthens business relationships: if you’re conducting business across cultures, gifts are an essential way of building bridges and strengthening not only new but existing business relationships.
  5. Triggers loyalty (and brand memory): being top of mind for your customers when they are looking for a product or service provider is a great way of triggering brand loyalty.
  6. Creates long-term bonds: all of the above combined together lead to the creation of long-term business bonds that will strengthen your partnerships and have better outcomes for your business over the long run.
  7. Everybody loves a gift: it’s human nature. The surprise gesture can make a person feel happier and this leads to positive associations with you and your brand.

6 occasions to send a business gift

Of course, you can say “thank you” at absolutely any time during your business relationship and your appreciation will go a long way. However, if you want to make a lasting impression, here are some examples of occasions in which you could commemorate together with your corporate clients:

  1. Your company’s anniversary: you may be wondering why this event is included in the first place. Well, the answer is simple. Celebrating your organization’s anniversary and acknowledging all the people and partners who have contributed to your growth is a great way of helping them feel like a part of your business’ journey.
  2. A client welcome gift: onboarding a new client? Why not show them how much you appreciate their patronage through a gift? This will be an unexpected surprise and will go much further than the typical automated “welcome” emails that we are so used to receiving in our inbox. Stand out from the crowd and do something a little different.
  3. Birthdays: birthdays are practically universally recognized and celebrated and showing that you took the time out to find out when a client’s birthday is, preparing a gift, and making sure it reaches them on time is that extra special touch that will be a welcome surprise.
  4. Congratulations for milestones reached: your clients want to feel valued and that they’re important to you at all times, not just during the onboarding process. So, why not offer a gift of appreciation for certain milestones they’ve reached with your organization?
  5. Christmas, New Year’s, and general annual festivities: there are numerous festivities celebrated on an annual basis, and depending on the cultural background of your client, you can surprise them with a festive gift. These gifts can be sent over Christmas, New Year’s, Hanukkah, Diwali, and other special events.
  6. Referral gifts: when your clients refer new clients to you, it’s a great idea to help thank them for the new business they’ve brought in by thanking them for their referral with a referral gift.
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7 Unique corporate chocolate gift ideas

And now you’re convinced of the total long-term value that corporate gifts will add to your organization, where do you start looking for gifts? Don’t worry! The best way you can show appreciation and gratitude is through chocolate gifts for clients. Here are just seven chocolate thank you gift ideas that will be mouth-watering and memorable for your clients.

  1. Engraved 1 lb or 2 lb chocolate bars: Did you know that at Totally Chocolate, you can have fully custom gifts that are engraved? Engraved chocolate shows high levels of personalization that your clients will absolutely love!
  2. Ensemble milk and dark chocolate borders in the fully custom collection: These beautiful collections come in 10, 19, 23, 45, 46, or 90 pieces. 
  3. Cookie sets: who doesn’t like cookies? You can choose from a 6, 12, or 24-piece engraved Belgian chocolate collection that’s fully custom, too. 
  4. Luxury tasting box: looking for variety? Then the perfect solution is to offer a luxury tasting box. Once again, it’s fully custom to suit your needs and the treats it features are truly delightful. 
  5. S’mores kits: perfect for a cold winter’s day, s’mores kits are an ideal way to wrap up a day. They are fully custom and are made with premium chocolate. The best part? They’re also engraved for that extra special touch and they come in either one or two servings!
  6. Tasting box: this is a 3-piece gift tower with peppermint bark, bar, and gourmet treats. Does this need any further elaboration?
  7. Foil wrapped premium chocolate pieces: Looking for something small but meaningful? You’ve got a lot of options! There are round medallions, coins, hearts, squares, and rectangles. Each one is bite-sized, wrapped and of course, fully custom.

In conclusion

If you weren’t sure that chocolate business gifts are possibly the best corporate gift idea – now you are! But chocolate gifts don’t have to be drab or boring. In fact, the opposite is true!

You can have them created fully customized to your needs with engraving, personalization, and of course – loads of choices at your fingertips.

And if you’re looking for even more corporate chocolate gift inspiration, take a look at our broad offering of fully custom chocolate gifts.

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