What Should You Give To Your Boss For Their Birthday?

what to get your boss for his birthday

As the leader of your team, your boss plays a crucial role in steering everyone in the same direction while motivating and encouraging them to achieve their best. Some may be stricter than others but one thing they all have in common is the well-being of the team. So, when it’s time for your boss’ birthday, you may be wondering what gift to get them.

Of course, with this question arises a whole series of other questions such as is it even appropriate and if so, what should you get them? The short and simple answer is that yes, it is a great idea to spoil your boss for their birthday and as for what to get your boss for his birthday, we’ve outlined some awesome ideas below that you may consider. Let’s dive in!

How important is it to get your boss a gift on his or her birthday?

A birthday is a special occasion and it’s usually celebrated by close loved ones. However, what’s the protocol when it comes to your boss’ birthday and getting them a gift? The answer is simple. Giving them a gift of appreciation shows that you care and respect them as a professional role model.

It also shows that the team is behind your boss, ultimately strengthening professional relationships. Furthermore, it shows that you value them as a leader. And finally, it’s all about creating memories that you can have conversations about for many months and years to come.

Tips on picking a good birthday gift for your superior

Having covered the question of whether or not you should give your boss a gift for their birthday, with the answer being a definite “yes”, you will also need to consider a couple of factors before you get started. This is because you don’t want to cross the line between professional and overly-personal gifts that may send the wrong message. That’s why we’ve listed a few key considerations that you should factor into your gift preparation process.

  • Review company policies: although every workplace is different and different rules will apply to gift giving, always speak to your HR team before preparing your gift as there may be restrictions on the type of gift your boss may receive due to being deemed inappropriate. Examples include alcoholic beverages and cash, among others. 
  • Find the balance between cheap and expensive: both cheap and overly expensive gifts may send a wrong message. Either case is not a good situation to place yourself in. That’s why finding a middle ground is the best idea.
  • Consider their personality and interests: every boss is different. Some are lighthearted while others are more serious. Some may have established routines while others are more flexible. Either way, getting a serious boss a humorous gift may not be appropriate in some situations while a lighthearted boss may enjoy a joke. 
  • Think about your professional relationship: do you communicate with your boss frequently or do you only encounter them from time to time during meetings? Whatever the case may be, an overly familiar gift with a boss you don’t speak to often will not go down well. So pay attention to your relationship with them and try to establish a middle ground. 
  • Join efforts with your team: when a birthday gift for your boss comes from the whole team, you’re likely to receive a much more favorable outcome than if you were the only person giving the gift as it may appear in the latter case that you are seeking favors. That’s why it’s always a good idea to join efforts with your coworkers. Speak to them and find out what they’ve given your boss as a gift before and try to stick to the same theme in the future so that you don’t send the wrong message.

Thoughtful birthday gift ideas for your boss

And now, as promised, we reach the list of actual appropriate gifts and birthday gift ideas for your boss.

  1. Gift cards: this can not only be a great way to stay within budgetary limits, but it’s also an important way to show thoughtfulness while letting them choose something they really like on their own.
  2. Gift basket: a gift basket is a medley of goodies that can be thematically selected. For example, you can choose a chocolate birthday gift, wine and cheeses with nuts and jams, or even a gardening gift bag.
  3. A mug or a drink holder: most bosses enjoy a cup of coffee or tea so why not get something with a catchy design or a thoughtful statement?
  4. Specialty coffee or tea: these come in a variety of different flavors and with different hints of various beans and varieties from all over the world. If your boss enjoys their warm beverages, trying something unique can be a great way to go. 
  5. Plants or flowers: getting your boss a plant or a bouquet of flowers is also a thoughtful gift. Plants, for example, can contribute to the greenery in the office, creating a much calmer working environment. 
  6. Notebook set: a calendar, a personalized notebook, and a pen are an excellent gift for those bosses who love to write things down and stay well organized. 
  7. Business card holder: if your boss is someone who has a lot of contacts, getting them a business card holder to stay organized is another excellent gift idea. 
  8. Humidifier: this is not only a thoughtful gift, it’s also quite practical and has positive health implications. 
  9. Throw blanket: throw blankets are the staples of many homes and they can even be used to place on one’s lap in the office when the temperatures outside are freezing. They come in a variety of materials and colors and you can pick one that’s personalized for your boss. 
  10. Book: many bosses love to read enlightening books about the business world so that they stay on top of their game. Getting them a business book or something more personal from an author you know they love is another great way to say you appreciate them. 
  11. Bookends: these are a wonderful way to ensure a space looks neater and more organized and it’s not only practical, it’s also a stylish decor piece. 
  12. Mini Zen garden or a bonsai tree: these extremely relaxing mini-plants and gardens can do wonders for stress relief. That’s why they can make for a stylish and calming gift at the same time.
  13. Chocolate sampler: if your boss loves chocolate, you may want to get them specialized and personalized happy birthday chocolate. With our wide selection of 1 and 2 lb chocolate bars made of premium chocolate with a variety of different flavors, chocolate ensembles, or even cookie sets, your gift will not only be enjoyed by your boss, it’s also going to make for a highly personal gift which will make it even more memorable. 
  14. Office accessories: whether you get your boss a trinket dish, a desk organizer, office accessories such as stapler or tape dispenser, you can easily help create more order on your boss’ desk while helping them to stay organized and efficient. 
  15. Gadgets: if your boss is someone who likes to tinker with things, then a Swiss army knife can be a great idea because they come with a whole set of additional tools such as a magnifying glass, bottle opener, scissors, etc.

And that’s a wrap

And there you have it! A lovely list of 15 gift ideas for your boss’ birthday. We know how difficult picking a gift within a reasonable price range can be and that’s why to make this daunting task lighter on you, we highly recommend a selection of Totally Chocolate chocolate bars, ensembles and cookie sets. Of course, each of these can be personalized and engraved with your unique message, making for a highly memorable and extremely delicious chocolate birthday gift.

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