What is White Chocolate and How is it Made?

White Chocolate

Have you ever wondered what goes into that delicious white chocolate bar you love? Unlike its brown counterparts, white chocolate boasts a unique creamy texture and sweet flavor. But is it even considered “real” chocolate?

Unravel the mystery of white chocolate in this comprehensive guide, where we’ll explore its ingredients, delve into the fascinating world of cocoa butter, and reveal the secrets behind crafting high-quality white chocolate.

What is white chocolate?

The main ingredients in white chocolate are cocoa butter, sugar, and milk powder. Sometimes, other flavors are added to create unique white chocolate delicacies. What is important is that white chocolate does not contain cocoa solids or any of the brown-colored cocoa mass, which is also known as cocoa liqueur.

This is the reason behind what makes white chocolate white. Furthermore, the high percentage of cocoa butter in white chocolate is one of the key reasons why it is considered white chocolate and why it differs from milk or dark chocolate.

The magic of cocoa butter

Having spoken a bit about cocoa butter, let’s delve into this key ingredient in a bit more detail. Cocoa butter is extracted from cocoa beans and contains naturally occurring flavor compounds that contribute to white chocolate’s taste profile.

The legal definition of white chocolate is directly related to the amount of cocoa butter content. According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to be considered white chocolate, the product should contain:

  • No less than 20% cocoa butter
  • No less than 14% total milk solids
  • No less than 3.5% milkfat
  • No more than 55% sugar

How is white chocolate made?

Wondering what is white chocolate made of and how is white chocolate made? Let’s start with the cacao trees, which produce massive-sized cocoa pods. Each tree produces around 30 of these pods and each pod has around 40 to 50 seeds inside of it.

When the pods are ripe, they are taken to a processing facility where the outer shell of the cocoa beans is removed. What this results in reveals pure cocoa nibs — this is the key ingredient for making chocolate.

The beans are extracted, ground, and roasted and during the grinding phase, they turn into a paste that is called a chocolate liqueur, which is not alcoholic. This liqueur is then processed to produce cocoa butter, which is the fat that gives chocolate its smooth and creamy feel.

Once the cocoa butter is separated, it’s time for chocolatiers like Totally Chocolate to get to work, adding all the necessary ingredients to create the mouth-wateringly delicious white chocolate that we know and love.

Is white chocolate really chocolate?

This is a great question! Since there is no real chocolate liqueur, which is used for creating milk and dark chocolate, it’s natural to wonder if white chocolate can really be considered chocolate in the first place? Well, this requires a bit of backtracking to several decades ago.

Initially, the US FDA deemed “white chocolate” as a confectionary item. However, it later overturned its own decision to recognize white chocolate for what it really is: a branch of chocolate.

The reason for the change in decision was to drive the production of high-quality chocolate across the nation.

What is the difference between white chocolate and milk chocolate?

The main difference between white chocolate and milk chocolate lies in the ingredients used to create both types of chocolate.

Milk chocolate contains cocoa liqueur while white chocolate doesn’t. Also, milk chocolate has varied quantities of milk and sugar added, which gives it its creamy texture and flavors.

So, if you’re wondering is white chocolate healthier than milk chocolate, the answer is no. The reason behind this is the high sugar and cocoa butter content, in addition to the other ingredients that could be added in the chocolate making process.

Beyond sweet: Health considerations

According to the US FDA, to be considered white chocolate, the product should not contain more than 55% sugar. This amount is quite high already and this means that mindful consumption while enjoying white chocolate is recommended. Be sure to follow a balanced diet and consume this product in moderation.

Curious if white chocolate can be part of a healthy diet? Explore its nutritional breakdown in our blog post: Is White Chocolate Healthy?

The Totally Chocolate difference

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We encourage you to explore the variety of white chocolate offerings at Totally Chocolate and immerse yourself in a world of wondrous flavors that delight. White chocolate has a creamy texture, offers flavorful versatility, and has a delightful taste.

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