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Gifts baskets have had their highs and lows, which is to be expected since the idea of giving gifts in baskets has basically been around since the dawn of time. Offering gifts is an ancient part of most cultures, and the art of gift giving is to this day really something special — especially when it’s done properly!

There was a time when gift baskets were the pinnacle of high society gift giving. Unfortunately they took a downward turn when people started using gift baskets as a lazy way of gift giving — the items within became cheap or unwanted so that they ended up gathering dust in the back of the cupboard or, even worse, in someone else’s gift basket in the awful cycle of re-gifting. Ever wonder if some of those stale crackers and boxes of old black tea were just recycled through gift basket after gift basket, never to find a loving home?

Well, thankfully those days are behind us! At Totally Chocolate, we are ushering in a new era of premium, amazing, and desirable gift baskets that are sure to impress!

At Totally Chocolate, our “gift baskets” are thoughtful, customizable and very high quality. If you are looking for the perfect gift that will definitely impress, look no further.

Here are some of our favorite gift basket combos. And, if there’s something you want, and don’t see — get in touch with our amazing team on 800-255-5506!

Let’s start with one word of caution: we don’t necessarily think of gift baskets in the traditional sense. At Totally Chocolate, we are not going to create some cellophane-wrapped, garish displays that have random items nestled in a bed of shredded pastel paper. Totally Chocolate gift towers come in unique, sleek, and luxurious presentations that flip the script on the old way of thinking about what gift baskets should, and could be!

Indulgent 2-Piece Gift Tower Chocolate Bar & Cookies Signature Collection

The Indulgent 2-Piece Gift Tower in our signature-blue Totally Chocolate gift boxes is pure deliciousness all dressed up and designed to impress! It comes with:

  • a pure Belgian chocolate bar, engraved with a sleek design
  • 12 of our deluxe European-style sugar cookies covered in an assortment of milk chocolate (4), dark chocolate (4) and delightful real Oreo® cookie wafers + deluxe white chocolate (4).


Indulgent 2-Piece Gift Tower Chocolate Bar & Cookies Appreciation

The perfect way to say Thank you. This Gift Tower has it all! Featuring:

  • 12 decadent European-style sugar cookies topped with divine and creamy goodness made with pure Belgian chocolate: milk chocolate (4), dark chocolate (4), both engraved with an Above and Beyond message
  • real Oreo® cookie wafers + deluxe white chocolate (4)
  • choice of a milk chocolate or dark chocolate bar, both made with pure Belgian chocolate.

Both tiers are presented in a luxe gift box accented in a beautiful star pattern. It’s simply gorgeous!


Indulgent 3-Piece Gift Tower Chocolate Favorites  Signature Collection

  • Go totally luxe with the Totally Chocolate Chocolate Lovers Indulgent Gift Tower, a beautifully decadent gift to show your favorite clients, customers and friends that you think the world of them. Featuring:
  • Our mega-impact bar made with pure premium engraved chocolate is the base of this soaring mix of divine flavor
  • 12 of our deluxe European-style cookies covered in an assortment of milk chocolate, dark chocolate and real Oreo® cookie wafers + deluxe white chocolate
  • 12 decadent and dreamy dark chocolate salted caramels.

The signature blue luxe gift box and deep blue accent ribbon create a perfect presentation for those VERY important people in your life.


At Totally Chocolate, we are known for our range of quality items that never sacrifice quality and taste. We also have quite the reputation for client satisfaction, because our incredible customer service team works tirelessly to make sure that the process is easy and smooth, and that the end result is perfect.

When it comes to gift baskets, we decided to take the old and make it new. We have created this line of gift towers that are perfect for showing appreciation or celebrating a life event. These are not your typical gifts — they are thoughtfully designed and curated to impress and delight!

And remember, once you become a client of ours, we make ordering future gifts and gift towers a breeze. We are happy to supply in bulk to save you money, and to keep your art on file so that if you want to customize your order with your company logo or an image of your liking, we are happy to streamline the process.

At Totally Chocolate, we love seeing the ripple effect that happens from the act of giving and receiving the perfect gift. When we know that our clients are happy with their purchase, then the person receiving the gift will be happy, too. The world could use a little more love and happiness, don’t you think?!

So, if you are stuck trying to figure out the perfect gift and you know that the tired, old gift basket just won’t do, get in touch with us at Totally Chocolate. We have a wide range of amazing gift ideas, from these high end gift towers, to options that are fully customizable.

We will work with you every step of the way! And believe us when we say, the person receiving a gift from Totally Chocolate is going to be thanking you!

Do something unique and sure to impress with a modern, updated take on Gift Baskets. We are experts in what we do. For 30 years we have specialized in the purest, most decadent chocolate products available. Our ingredients are sourced from the finest growers and are free of waxes and fillers. With our exclusive custom chocolate engraving technology offering unparalleled precision detail, Totally Chocolate is the go-to brand for a gift they’ll always remember

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