Think outside the holiday gifting box!


Think outside the holiday gifting box. Corporate gifts for clients “just because” show you appreciate them all year long!

Why wait for the holidays to make someone’s day?

Your best customers are always cause for celebration and appreciation, whether to acknowledge a promotion, a winning contract, a mutual success or just give a gourmet “fist bump” to another great year of collaboration. We have customizable client gift ideas for everyone’s budget, from decadently grandiose to sweetly thoughtful. And our thank you ideas are pretty exceptional too! Pure premium chocolate engraved with a logo or message just for them will show you put thought and feeling into their special gift of thanks. Select from bars, assorted chocolate pieces and delightful chocolate covered cookies. Any choice you make will emphasize your gratitude and support…and leave a tasty and lasting impression!

12-piece logo cookies – custom logo in chocolate – Make their day now

Honor life’s moments or show your thanks with 12 divine European-style sugar cookies topped with pure premium chocolate.  The yummy, buttery cookies can be customized with a personal message or logo. They’ll be delighted with this perfect gift from the heart…and the oven!

Appreciation 23-Piece Chocolates Box Gift Ensemble

23-piece ensemble – chocolate gift – Say thanks the tasty way now

A thoughtful, custom chocolate gift that shares the thanks and fun!  A center bar made with pure premium chocolate is surrounded with 22 pieces of creamy, artisan chocolate bites, both customizable.  Give thanks for a client referral, a budget-saving idea, a special moment or any other occasion that calls for a joyful nod. They will not forget this wonderful and personal gift of gratitude.

Client business gift box of chocolates customized

46 piece ensemble – chocolate gift – Tell them they are awesome now

Inspire gift envy and create a true chocolate masterpiece for the special moments in your friends’, family’s and clients’ lives. This 46-piece ensemble becomes the perfect, thoughtful statement of appreciation with a decadent, engraved center bar made with pure premium chocolate and a delicious chocolate border of 45 assorted, customizable pure premium chocolate bites.  When the occasion calls for acknowledgement of special achievements and winning teamwork, this gift offers it 46-fold from delivery to dessert!

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