7 Things To Consider When Choosing Wedding Favors

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Weddings have become hyper-personalized and unique than those held in days gone by. But one tradition that has remained the same is giving out wedding favors to your guests as a way of saying thank you for attending the special occasion as well as to leave them with something memorable.

In the past, almonds or some candies were usually the bride and groom’s go-to for wedding favors. But today, you literally have thousands of choices. If you’re wondering about what you should consider when choosing wedding favors and you’re looking for ideas to help make your day even more memorable, take a look below.

How to choose the right personalized favors for your wedding

The last thing a bride and groom would want is for their carefully thought-out gift to end up in the back of a dark cupboard, never to be seen again, or for their wedding favor to end up in the trash. It happens though. And the reasons behind this are simple.

These wedding favors are not personalized, they’re not useful, they’re not fun, and a whole host of other factors in between. Before you start sweating and worrying about what you can actually provide your wedding guests with, take a look at our tips for choosing the best wedding favors below.

1. Make sure that they’re customizable

We all know that planning a wedding is a huge task. It requires a lot of careful planning and coordination and a whole lot of mental and physical energy to ensure everything is just right. For this reason, some people go the DIY route and think about creating personalized wedding favors.

However, given time and budget constraints, the chances are that you won’t be able to squeeze in getting 200 favors done within a tight deadline. There are no two ways about it. It’s going to be agonizing – as fun as the idea first seemed to be.

As a consolation to the fact that you won’t be giving DIY wedding favors, you can use ready-made items that you can customize. Yes, we are talking about customizing chocolate with your own wedding details, your choice of flavors, as well as different shapes and sizes. It all comes together beautifully and all you have to do is leave it to us to organize this part of the wedding planning process.

2. Don’t forget about the fun element

We’ve all heard about the health benefits of dark chocolate, but we may not know that chocolate puts us all in a good mood. This is exactly the effect that you want your wedding favors to have – mood-lifting, inspiring, fun, and delicious. Luckily, chocolate offers all this and more making it a top contender as the perfect wedding favor.

3. “Expensive” doesn’t always mean “good”

Weddings can be costly. And with tens up to hundreds of guests coming over to share in your special day, it’s easy to lose track of your budget. But remember to stay within your means.

You can quickly overspend on wedding favors but with chocolate, you won’t have to. This is because at Totally Chocolate, our chocolate varieties and ensembles are highly affordable and you don’t have to break the bank.

4. Make your favors personal

We all know that in general, personalized gifts are a big hit. So, how can you personalize your chocolate wedding favors? Easy! With the right engraving, personalized messages, and the perfect wrapping that matches your wedding colors and theme.

5. Appeal to your guests’ senses

Here, we are talking about appealing to their taste buds. And since we know that practically everyone loves chocolate and that it will never be thrown away in a bin but rather enjoyed wholeheartedly, this is another reason to choose chocolate as your wedding favors. Overall, you need to choose something that nearly everyone will love and the answer to that dear friends is chocolate.

6. Take the season into account

If your wedding is taking place in winter, you can always try a seasonal favorite – s’mores kits or cookies to dip into hot chocolate! Once again, you’ll be mixing the practical with the whimsical and your guests will be more than pleasantly surprised at their thoughtful gift.

7. Variety is the spice of life

If you think that there is only one type of chocolate that you should limit yourself to, think again! Why? Because at Totally Chocolate, we give you loads of options to choose from. There are custom shapes and promo items, chocolate bar wedding favors, ensembles, and so much more. They come in high-quality chocolate flavors including premium milk chocolate, dark chocolate, cookies and cream, etc.

In short

Personalized chocolate bars or custom chocolate shapes have never been a more appropriate wedding favor option. They tick all the boxes. They’re affordable. They can be customized. They’re personal. They can match your wedding theme. And so much more. No one will go home unhappy with your chocolate wedding favors and this is why it’s such an important gift to seriously consider as your wedding planning gets underway.

If you need any help, ideas, or suggestions – don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are more than happy to help you in any way possible to make your dream wedding day as special as it can possibly be.

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