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The tradition of Thanksgiving dates back several centuries and it’s a time when everyone comes together in a show of appreciation and gratitude for the year. 

Starting out as a tradition that expressed unity and gratitude for bountiful harvests, today, Thanksgiving remains a solid American tradition that’s practiced in the US and Canada. 

In the US, it takes place on the fourth Thursday of November and it involves family gatherings, delicious foods being prepared, and quality time spent together in gratitude. But what about showing appreciation to your employees for Thanksgiving? 

Should you get them a gift at all and if so, why? In this article, we look at some amazing gift ideas and share several reasons why gift-giving over Thanksgiving is a great idea. Let’s get started.

What do you give employees for Thanksgiving?

You may think that celebrating Thanksgiving is a tradition reserved for families. But more and more organizations across the country are taking this tradition seriously. This means that businesses are opting to show gratitude to their employees on this special day. 

But what are some of the most appropriate gifts you can give them? While traditional gifts for Thanksgiving may include things such as Thanksgiving gift baskets for employees, the gift-giving landscape is changing rapidly. 

Today, there are multiple unique Thanksgiving gifts for employees that you can give them to make for a great and lasting impression and for an amazing holiday. Below, we share a few gift ideas with you to help you find the perfect gift for your employees.

Thanksgiving gift ideas for employees to show that you care

Giving your employees gifts on Thanksgiving is definitely a great idea. We’ll cover the reasons for this in more detail below. However, you need to bear in mind that gift-giving for employees is a tricky field to navigate. 

You need to establish a budget for your Thanksgiving gifts and choose something that everyone will like. Remember that generic gifts are becoming quickly outdated due to their impersonal nature. But choosing something that everyone will love is a bit difficult. 

With some of the ideas below, however, you’re definitely going to hit the sweet spot and choose the perfect gift for your employees. Here is our non-exhaustive list of ideas to consider:

  1. Wine and wine accessories (such as a wine stopper)
  2. A glass decanter 
  3. A cake stand
  4. Edible gifts, like custom logo cookies or personalized chocolate bars
  5. Trays
  6. Pasta gift box
  7. Dried fruit gift basket 
  8. Conversation starter packs
  9. Trivia games
  10. Dish towels
  11. Specialized napkins
  12. Whiskey glasses
  13. Coffee mugs
  14. Charcuterie board
  15. Scented candles
  16. Hand lotion
  17. Essential oils
  18. Throw blankets
  19. Handmade soaps
  20. A vase
  21. Gardening kit
  22. Artwork
  23. Winter scarf
  24. Cocktail glasses
  25. Specialty oils and vinegars
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Why Thanksgiving gifts for employees matter

We promised that we’ll talk about why Thanksgiving gifts for employees matter. Although there are many reasons why you want to give such a gift on this special day, including maintaining employee morale, gift-giving during Thanksgiving is also an important expression of appreciation.

If you are looking for a way to express gratitude and love as well as appreciation for your team, then a Thanksgiving gift is the way to go. This can lead to happier employees that will:

  • Have a higher morale and job satisfaction
  • Greater levels of motivation
  • More productivity and make greater contributions
  • Are more likely to do well at their jobs
  • Foster a greater sense of engagement
  • Stimulate loyalty and commitment to your company
  • Spread good vibes all around
  • Reduce retention rates
  • Foster a climate of job security
  • And, act as good brand ambassadors.

Why you should give personalized gifts to your employees

Having covered all the good and important reasons why Thanksgiving gifts matter both for company culture and performance and for team morale, it’s time to look at why you should consider giving personalized Thanksgiving gifts to your employees.

Remember that personalized gifts are meaningful gifts. They can make employees feel appreciated. And one of the best and easiest ways to do this while remaining within your budget is to choose unique corporate chocolate gifts for your team members.

Totally Chocolate’s chocolate bars are just one example of the type of delectable, personalized, and universally loved gifts you can give this Thanksgiving. 

This will not only ensure you remain within the tradition of giving an edible gift for this holiday, but it will be made even more special when you give them thank you chocolate, have their name engraved on the chocolate, or your company logo with a unique message. 

Whether it’s dark, milk, or white premium chocolate bars that come in 1 lb and 2 lb sizes, you’re certain to delight your staff this Thanksgiving with a gift that’s both classic with a modern touch, and universally loved by all.


When it comes to choosing the perfect gift for your employees this Thanksgiving, you neither have to break the bank nor look very far for the right solution. 

Choose from Totally Chocolate’s selection of chocolates that can be personalized and custom-wrapped at an affordable price to meet all your gifting needs and ensure your employees remain motivated, engaged, and loyal. 

It’s a way of making sure that even if you don’t know a team member very well, your gift will still be loved because chocolate is one of the best ways to share gratitude and appreciation. 

Don’t hesitate to browse our extensive selection of premium chocolate gifts and pick something unique and memorable.

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